45 Non-Food Easter Basket Ideas!

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Hello everyone! With Easter right around the corner we pulled together a quick list of some of our favorite items to put in our kid’s baskets! What are some of your favorite non-food holiday treats? And if you are anything like us, you specialize in last-minute. So here are some great ideas off of Amazon especially, order via Prime and they’ll be here before the weekend! Good luck and Happy Easter!

non-food easter basket ideas

  1. Stickers – get a great assortment here or some of our favorites, the foam ones, here!
  2. Stick-on earrings – fun themes like Disney princess or just good old-fashioned gems! Pretty additions to their special holiday outfit.
  3. Fun socks – something like these here or we often do well in the Target Dollar Spot :)
  4. Small Lego packs – a construction set or even Disney Princess!
  5. Crossword puzzles and word searches
  6. Board game – Scrabble Jr. is a favorite for us right now but checkers is always a win!
  7. Fingerpaints
  8. New sippy cup/water bottle           
  9. Chalk
  10. Movies – VeggieTales has some great Easter themed movies, as well as Hop and Charlie Brown!
  11. Bubble gun
  12. Eggs to decorate! (families with egg allergies) – These wooden ones are great as well as these realistic white ones.
  13. Stuffed animal – these adorable little friends are perfect for our kiddos with asthma and allergies!
  14. Bath crayons
  15. Nail polish – Piggy Paint makes amazing non-toxic options!
  16. Hide ’em and hatch ’em eggs!
  17. New pjs – These organic cotton henley pajamas are great for your little people who struggle with eczema.
  18. Temporary tattoos – Easter themed or just for every day
  19. Trash Pack Rotten Eggs
  20. New bathing suit
  21. Packable pails for the beach this summer!
  22. Giant bubble wand
  23. Water gun
  24. Color Me Bunny
  25. Puzzle – We love this family style puzzle! Three different size pieces so we can all hang and do it together :)
  26. Mini Etch A Sketch
  27. Sunglasses
  28. Character bandaids – they are practically as exciting as candy around here :) Superheroes? Got them. Snoopy? Done. Even Care Bears.
  29. Finger puppets
  30. Coloring books – Classics like Peter Rabbit or other fun Easter themes.
  31. Markers and crayons
  32. Night light
  33. Silly Straw
  34. Glow sticks – bracelets, necklaces, a ball and glasses?!
  35. Key chain – a fun R2D2 one or even Lego Friends!
  36. Best of Mad Libs
  37. Grow a Chick!
  38. Bunny ears – everyone needs a pair!
  39. Watering can – gardening season is upon us :)
  40. Silly putty – this little Easter egg set is perfect
  41. Decorate your own Rubber ducky
  42. Easter Egg Stamper set
  43. Color changing straws
  44. Books – American Girl “Just Mom and Me”, Encyclopedia Brown or some good old fashioned Boxcar Children!
  45. Carrot shaped jump rope

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