After a short debate.

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We’ve talked about teaching our kids kindness here at Scratch or Sniff before and Levi has always been a super sweet kid. Affectionate, thoughtful, friendly. He is absolutely still all of those things. However, recently, it hasn’t seemed to come as naturally as it did before. I know, I know, he is four, it is probably just a phase, he is testing his independence… But I find myself saying things like “I’m sorry but you lost your privilege of watching a movie because of the way you just spoke to me” and “If you don’t stop acting up I am taking away dessert or tv for the next 2 days!” Do me a favor and travel back with me a few years… To the time before we were parents and we made grand statements like:

“I’ll never use bribery.”

“He won’t watch tv until he’s 3.”

“No sugar until his first birthday.”

Not gonna lie. We only made it to our goal with one of these. I prefer to not use the term bribery, but occasionally we do use motivation for good behavior. And no screen time until three? Well. We made it about 6-9 months. When he did start watching, I swore it would only be something educational. (No judgement please, but you can laugh. First time mom over here.) We started with some YouTube videos, Sesame Street, Elmo and then VeggieTales. It didn’t take long to realize that as long as they were singing, and especially if they were dancing, he was thoroughly entertained! His first birthday was a Bob and Larry theme and one of the first few songs he learned was the VeggieTales theme song.

After a short debate: Levi's first birthday

This is what I loved about the songs and stories he listened to. Over and over. And over. They were a constant message of kindness. Treating your friends, your family, your neighbors and even people you didn’t know with respect. Something I really appreciate as a mom! Fast forward to now and he is still watching his favorite stories and singing along. (Sidenote: The Christmas dvds are still some of our favorites and Larry-Boy is always a win because what little boy doesn’t love a superhero.) It is a such a relief to have him singing along to “Love your neighbor, when someone helps you then you’ll understand” and “But when we share, we get our share of friends”.

When walking through Walmart last week, Levi instantly got excited when he saw the VeggieTales display in the middle of the toy aisle. This, my friends, is a big deal, because it was sitting in between the new arrivals of Ninja Turtles and the leftover Easter Candy. “Mom can I PLEASE get the Bob and Larry? No? How about I just snuggle them while we shop and return them before we leave?” (I swear he is going to be a lawyer. He usually has a few good points in our debate discussion before I ultimately pull rank.)

VeggieTales: Kindness

After a few negotiations, he agreed to snuggle and take care of Bob and Larry on the terms that we would be giving them to his new cousin next weekend when we meet him for the first time. He agreed, willingly actually, after a brief conversation about he has VeggieTales friends at home and Auntie Lawla’s new baby boy would really love them.

VeggieTales: Sharing and kindness

VeggieTales: Home and learning kindness

Levi is taking REALLY good care of them until he wraps and gives them to his cousin. A few more months and he can show him some of his favorite dvds! This was a perfect lesson in sharing for my little guy. :)

VeggieTales: Snuggles and kindness


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