That Allergy/Asthma/Eczema Parent Hustle

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The life of a parent of kids with allergies, asthma, and eczema is a busy one. If I was on my A-game, all day, every day, I would dust and vacuum twice a day (points to dust mite allergy), create beautiful allergen-free lunchbox lunches worthy of Pinterest (simultaneously points to food allergies and those parents who can create Elsa from Frozen out of angel hair pasta and canned peaches), and gently massage heavy lotion onto my children after giving them each a lukewarm bath (points to eczema).

In reality, I’m still a working mom and my time is limited, so I, like you, do the best I can. So while daily maintenance meds are a must, I unceremoniously drop sandwiches into three lunch boxes and call it good.

I’m super grateful for whatever life hacks I can find (more to come on Scratch or Sniff!) that make parenting and working and living just a little bit easier. I do things like delay start my laundry the night before, use canned responses liberally in Gmail, and use an abundance of Post-It notes to remind me things like “farm field trip on the 19th” and “maybe you should get your haircut because it’s been an embarrassing amount of time since your last one.”

Priorities. ::flips hair::

One tool that’s been incredibly helpful is the Intel 2 and 1 we’ve been using. It’s a laptop that flips around and turns into a tablet, and I love using it for referencing recipes while cooking, hanging out on the couch and responding to emails while the girls watch a movie, and propping it up on the treadmill to distract myself with Netflix while I run… jog… okay, probably walk.

Plus, it’s small enough/lightweight enough/durable enough that my kiddos can use it for educational sites (we love!) as well as practicing typing skills.

That Allergy/Asthma/Eczema Parent Hustle

All in all, solid addition to my proverbial utility belt. Requesting go-go gadget arms and a machine that folds laundry for me. Probably coming soon in 2015. Maybe. :)

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