Allergy-Friendly Snacks for School, Camp, and All Things Summer!

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Over the weekend at a barbecue, my three kids spent hours jumping on one of those big outdoor trampolines with a tall safety net with a bunch of their little friends. It was really cool, and I’m currently putting together a PowerPoint presentation supporting the argument that we should omg totally buy one while my husband is, well, skeptical.

It’s not officially summer, but once kids start donning swimsuits, running through sprinklers, and eating watermelon on the back deck at dusk, it’s summer in my heart.


School’s still in session for a week and a half, and after that comes day camp and playdates and lazy nights around a fire pit, roasting marshmallows until they become the perfect shade of toasty-brown.

For parents of food allergy kids, summer presents another concern — letting a new batch of people in on the dangers and routines that come along with allergies. Thankfully, my girls go to schools (and camps!) where their teachers and caregivers are completely and totally committed to their safety and inclusion.

While my friends discuss school choices based on standardized testing and common core and sports and special programs, we’ve based our most recent decisions on one factor alone — safety. Our allergies go beyond the “usual” peanuts and tree nuts to include very serious allergies to milk and sesame, among others.

Schools around these parts — more or less — are familiar with peanuts and tree nuts. When I tell other adults that my daughter can have an anaphylactic reaction to simply touching milk products, that’s new territory to them.

I totally understand parents who homeschool their children because the risk of cross contamination is too great. It takes one kid eating a cheese sandwich and laying his hands on my daughter for her to break out into hives.

Really, really grateful for special teachers. Also grateful for brands that create products safe for my kids. My husband and I will often stock up on some tasty treats and bring them to the school for sharing.


Bitsy’s Brainfood makes allergy-friendly cereals and cookies. And as an added benefit, they’ve magically found a way to make vegetables part of each product. They sent enough snacks for kids in the Scratch or Sniff crew to share with their classrooms.

Sophie and Minnie’s preschool class dug into some cereal (they come in number shapes, which provided many thrills!), Levi’s preschool class shared some Smart Cookies, and Remmy and her first grade friends enjoyed individual packs of Sweet Potato Oatmeal Raisin cookies as a special afternoon treat.

Levi bitsys 2

Bitsy’s Brainfood Smart Cookies are made in a nut-free facility, making them pretty classroom friendly if you’re looking for a nice option for sharing. And while allergy-friendly foods are fighting the stereotype of tasting too much like nature — you know, cookies seem a little …. denser and bread tastes a little … oatier — these snacks got smiles and thumbs up all around.



We also love that Bitsy’s is committed to giving back — they donate only to nonprofit organizations and schools serving preschool and elementary school children. Check them out online; applying for a donation for your local school is super easy.

Bitsy’s is now in heavy rotation in our pantry — thankfully, they’re on shelves at all of our regular stomping grounds (like Target) and super convenient to order via the www (like with your Amazon Prime account).


So we’re ready for summer. Got the first aid kit re-filled, Epi-pen expiry dates checked, and tasty snacks for all of the ball games and beach trips that we’re putting on our warm weather bucket list.

Jury’s still out on the trampoline, but I can get that on Amazon Prime, too, so our next Instagram video may be one of me doing a sweet backflip.

(Probably not.) ;)

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  1. These sound awesome! Our preschool has very strict rules about allergies, so these would be perfect to bring in when it’s my turn to provide their snack.

  2. Tiffany

    I love this! We’ve tried the cereal, which was so good…can’t wait to try those cookies!

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