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Each week, we’re highlighting deals on great products for kids with allergies, asthma, and eczema.

Scratch or Sniff Allermates DealsCheck out some of the deals we’ve found this week:

Allermates – This is something you are NOT going to want to miss! These products are some of the best around for your kids with allergies!

Gluten-free foods – has a number of gluten-free options on sale this week! Simply use the code GLUTENFREE to get Udis, Glutino, Earth Balance and more up to 25% off.

Enjoy Life – Again, we know we highlight this brand often. But we can’t stress enough how amazing they are and how much we use their products! Enjoy Life focuses on providing safe, healthy and super-yummy snacks that are completely gluten-free and free of the eight most common allergens.

American Apparel – This well-known brand offers many organic cotton options. Zulily is featuring them right now and their prices are pretty fantastic.

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