Ask us Anything: How to Playdate?

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One of the other moms at my daughter’s school invited her over for a playdate. Help!! I don’t want to seem like a crazy allergy mom, but I’m really worried. How can I trust that my daughter will be safe? -A.B.

Ask us Anything: allergy-friendly playdates

I totally get it. I definitely don’t arrange enough playdates for my children. Not only am I concerned about the allergy complications, there are just never enough hours in the week. Luckily, my son hangs out with some of his best buddies at his afterschool program most days.

In one of my first posts for Scratch or Sniff, I offered some of my tips for playdates including hosting the playdate at your house, meeting up at a public place or sending your child with his/her own snack. If you’re nervous, you could also hang out at the other mom’s house, or run errands nearby so you’re just a few minutes away in case of an emergency.

I really believe that one of our jobs as parents to try to make our children’s lives as normal as possible. So it’s important to push yourself a little bit to do playdates, birthday parties, summer camp, or whatever it is that scares you as an allergy parent. It will help you both grow.

What do you think? Should A.B. skip the playdate or go for it?! What are your tips for allergy-friendly playdates?


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  1. Tams

    I think you should let her go, but let the other mom know that you’ll send a snack for the kids to share. The other mom might be nervous too and that might ease her fears as well. I don’t think it would make you look crazy at all. She may even welcome you hanging out too because she might not feel comfortable with epi pens. Good luck!

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