Auvi-Q Short-Dated? No Problem.

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I’m one of those really cool, on-top-of-things mom. The one that has things super scheduled out months in advance and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt exactly how much milk is currently in our fridge.

On opposite day.

Which is why, at noon on New Year’s Eve Day, I was refilling our Auvi-Q™ to slide one last prescription into the calendar year for insurance and FSA purposes. As I was paying (with my $0 co-pay card), it occurred to me: “it might be good to see if my insurance covers the Auvi next year; if they don’t, I’ll just do another refill right now!” Which is how Zachary and I ended up spending hours—okay, it just felt like it—in my running car on a single-digit windchill day while I called my insurance company. Because who can think about next year until New Year’s Eve?

As I looked at the Auvi-Q™ expiration date, I asked about it at the pharmacy. May 2015 is all you’ve got? Welp, because I planned so far ahead, that’s what I’ll have to take. Then, armed with the knowledge that the folks at Sanofi have set a program in place for this type of short-date prescription, I gave them a call two days later.

Auvi-Q Expiration Date? No Problem.

I spoke with Mike at Sanofi and he was über helpful. This is what I learned: because I had called within 31 days of filling the prescription, they could either send me a voucher for $400 to pay for my next Auvi refill—which would be much sooner than the typical year-long expiration afforded most prescriptions—or they could find the longest-dated medication in their warehouse, secure it with our name on it and send it to the pharmacy for an exchange.

Give Mike a million stars for great customer service.

When I shared with him what our insurance does and doesn’t cover, along with our co-pay (when not using the $0 co-pay card), Mike said my best scenario would be to get the voucher. I’m sorry, what? You based it on what was best for me? Get Mike a pin, people!

So, if you fill your Auvi-Q™ prescription and find it to expire in less than a year, rather than getting angry and swearing off Sanofi for good, give them a call. They’ll make it right!

Call the customer service number at 1-800-633-1610 within 31 days of filling your prescription, and be ready to give the following information:

1) The lot number from the box.

2) The patient’s name and a shipping address if they are sending you a voucher.

3) Your pharmacy information if you are going to do the medication swap.

Your representative will give you a case number which you will use in an email with a photo of the bottom of the box where the lot number is printed, and a photo of the front of the box with the pharmacy prescription information.

Here’s the deal: GoodRX lists Auvi-Q™ at about $450 retail for one twin pack. Most families I know have at least two, if not three or more twin packs. This can save you some serious cash and sanity if you end up getting a short-dated prescription. We could all use a little bit of both of those, yes?

Other ways to save on your Auvi-Q™:

Sanofi has renewed their $0 co-pay (up to $100). If you haven’t gotten it yet, you can do so here.

If you need help paying for your meds, Sanofi has a patient assistance program for those who cannot afford the costs. See their patient connection brochure here to see if you qualify.

Can’t buy the Auvi-Q™ because your insurance does not cover it? The good folks at Mylan have renewed the $0 co-pay (up to $100) for the EpiPen® as well. You can pick that up here.

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2 Comments to Auvi-Q Short-Dated? No Problem.

  1. Kate

    Thanks for doing the legwork on this Tiffany! This happened to us too.

  2. Brooke

    Thank you so much for sharing this information! Just refilled and the new Auvi-Q that the pharmacy claimed they had just ordered expired in 8 months and it costs me quite a bit since I have to pay for my prescriptions until we hit our deductible, so the $400 coupon will be super helpful. Wish it was valid a little longer, but I am thankful for some relief.

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