It’s Back! What You Need to Know About the Auvi-Q Right Now

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The Auvi-Q autoinjector is back after the massive recall in 2015, and Kaléo, the owner of the device, wants consumers who need it to be able to get it for the lowest cost possible — and, for millions, that means free.

Last night, Kaléo held a conference call so we could find out how our readers can get the Auvi-Q back in their pocket. We heard from Spencer Williamson, president and CEO of Kaléo, and the Edwards brothers, inventors of Auvi-Q and vice presidents with the company.

Here’s what you need to know about the Auvi-Q return to market right now:

When is Auvi-Q available?

Last night, Williamson announced that the first batch of devices ship today, four days ahead of schedule. Those that have already requested Auvi-Q through their doctor will have it in hand by Valentine’s Day.

How much will it cost?

The maximum anyone will pay for a dual set (don’t forget, the recommendation is to carry two at all times) is $360. Here’s how it works:

+If you have commercial health insurance, whether your insurance company covers Auvi-Q or not, you will pay $0 out of pocket.

+If you have commercial health insurance with a copay or high deductible, you will pay $0 out of pocket. Important: this does not count against your deductible since Kaléo is paying for your devices.

+Those of you with government insurance (Tricare, Medicare, Medicaid): Kaléo is working hard to get Auvi-Q in your hands for free as well; currently coverage varies by provider. Call your provider to find out the latest update on coverage. Better yet, call the Auvi-Q hotline for the latest guidance: 1-877-30AUVIQ

+If you do not have commercial health insurance but your household income is less than $100,000/year, you can qualify for free devices. Access the form for the Kaléo Cares Program here.

+If you do not fit into any of the categories above, you will be able to purchase the Auvi-Q for $360. It’s not the $5-10 cost of the latest generics we’ve seen, but much better than out of pocket costs for the other name brand out there.

Auvi-Q Cost

How can I get Auvi-Q?

This is important. At least at first, Auvi-Q will not be stocked at retail pharmacies for immediate prescription fulfillment.

However, Kaléo has built an Amazon-type fulfillment process of their own to circumvent retail pharmacies and deliver directly to you. It’s called Direct Delivery Service (clever, yes?) and while it aims to make things easier for you, please be aware that you will not be able to receive the Auvi-Q immediately after asking your doctor for a prescription. How it works:

+Take this form to your doctor for him or her to fill out and fax in to Kaléo.

+Once received, the Kaléo customer care team will call you to verify your information.

+After you hang up from your phone call with Kaléo, their team will package up and send out your Auvi-Q devices. Their commitment is to have them on your doorstep 24-48 hours from the time you verify your information.

How to get Auvi-Q

Why use the Direct Delivery System?

While it adds a few days to your wait, here are the three reasons Kaléo says consumers like us benefit from this system:

+They can guarantee the longest shelf life available for the devices. Remember when Sanofi was stocking pharmacy shelves with Auvi-Q’s that would expire in 5-6 months? Kaléo does, too. They took that issue seriously and have committed to the longest shelf life possible. Devices shipping out today will expire in April 2018.

+They can guarantee their pricing structure easily without the interference of retail pharmacies. For instance, my insurance company has a set copay for Auvi-Q. Going to a retail pharmacy, I may have to pay that if the pharmacy tech is not trained in the new Kaléo pricing structure (note: no copay cards available in this new structure). However, bypassing all that, Kaléo guarantees that I won’t have to mess with figuring out how to get my free Auvi-Q, and I don’t have to mess with insurance.

+They can guarantee you’ll get the device you asked for, no substitutions with generics as is often seen in the retail pharmacy world.

What is the shelf life and how many can I get at once?

Kaléo is committed to a long shelf life for the Auvi-Q. On the call, we were told expiration dates for the devices would be a minimum of a year from delivery.

According to the form your allergist must fill out for the Direct Delivery Service, you can get four devices per form/prescription.

This is a different way to fill prescriptions, to be sure. I think the only way Kaléo could make it better is to take another page out of Amazon’s book and start drone-dropping them at our doorstep.


Questions about the return of Auvi-Q? Drop them in the comments and if we can’t answer them, we’ll see if we can get answers for you!

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