The sweetest parts of the bedtime routine.

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I have a love/hate relationship with bedtime. On one hand I love the cuddles, sniffing his freshly-washed hair and quiet reading time. On the other hand, I swear there is always a high before the ultimate bedtime crash. Maybe in your house you have a winding-down/bedtime routine. We did for a while when Levi was younger. A book or two followed by a nice relaxing bath, calming lotion and pjs, then another soothing book before snuggling for a few minutes. He’d be asleep in seconds! That all still happens, minus the quiet words like “relaxing” and “calming.” Now the bath has turned into a shower and is generally a Hulk smash-fest/”let’s see how much water we can get on the floor” contest.

The sweetest parts of the bedtime routine: organic cotton wrap

Thankfully, Levi’s not one of those boys that runs and hides when it’s bath time. I’m really hoping his penchant for good hygiene continues through his adolescence because I’ve heard some stories. And I was once a 12 year old girl who hung out with 12 year old boys.

Out of all the fun little bath towels we own, Levi absolutely LOVES his new bath wrap from Apple Park! These precious towels are made from 100% organic cotton (so the cotton was never treated with pesticides) and are softer than all our other towels. Some of our favorite features of these wraps? Levi loves that instead of just draping around him, there are claws/mitts that he can slide his hands into. And that there is a tail at the bottom! (I tried to get a picture of this, but it was impossible to do without him flashing the camera. Boys…)

The sweetest parts of the bedtime routine: bathtime

I swear it at least doubles the time it takes to get him into his pjs. Because he is running around roaring then completely cracking himself up. Good thing he’s cute. ;)

Apple Park Organic Cotton Bath Wrap: bedtime routine

So bath time turns into lotion and pajama time which then turns into pinning him down to wrestle him into pajamas. Followed by a few minutes of beating up daddy, which usually lasts about 8-10 minutes before I yell, ahem, I mean, sweetly ask that the bedtime routine carry on. This means one book, a minute or two of snuggling while Levi recaps his day, a quick prayer and he is asleep within minutes! My favorite moments in the evenings right now come with our nightly book reading. Levi is so excited as he is beginning to recognize words and even phrases (and thinks he’s reading when he can quote some of the books we read more often).

Apple Park book reading: Part of the bedtime routine

“Mom! That says APPLE!” or “That word right there? Yup. It has three letters. It says THE. T. H. E. Good job mom! You read it!” Always good to know I haven’t lost my reading skills. :) We have actually gone back to some of the shorter books so that he can feel accomplished at the fact that he has recognized one or two words on every page.

The sweetest parts of the bedtime routine: Apple Park Board Book

Who Lives In The Woods” is in Levi’s top ten nightly reads lately. He loves that his “Cubby” towel is one of the characters featured in this sweet little board book. It has also contributed to the fact that he is now asking to go camping… We’ll see about that part. In other news. The Cubby wrap doesn’t JUST have to be for bath-time! It can also be used for mid-afternoon, rainy-day, pretend-play. :D

Organic Cotton Towel pretend play: not so much bedtime routine

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Apple Park. All opinions are our own.

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