Champions for Kids Makes Giving SIMPLE

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“Oh my, that kid has ever missed a meal in his life.”

“Whoa, that kid must eat a lot!”

“Look at those chunky thighs! What a good eater!”

It feels like at least once a week (including today, as a matter of fact) for the past two and a half years that my son Dax has been alive and outside of my body, I’ve gotten comments like these.

At first I wasn’t really sure how to take them: I guess I have a big kid? Thanks for noticing?

Now, I take these comments as compliments. As crass as they might sound, they’re true. My kid does eat a lot. He hasn’t missed a meal in his lifetime. And yes, he does have deliciously chunky thighs that practically beg to be squeezed.

Champions for Kids Makes Giving SIMPLE: Dax

Champions for Kids Makes Giving SIMPLE

But that isn’t the case for every kid. I know for a fact that there are so many children who miss meals on the regular. Over 16 million children in this country live in poverty. They go to bed hungry. They wake up hungry. They’re hungry while sitting at their desks at school. It’s heartbreaking.

When I think about that many children in the world going hungry, I get overwhelmed. How can I possibly make a difference?

Thankfully, there are organizations like Champions for Kids who can step in and make it easy to change lives. This week, CFK, along with General Mills, Kellogg’s, Emerald, and Kettle Chips, made it easy to provide basic resources for students in communities across the country. As part of their SIMPLE Giving program (named so because it helps people simply giveCFK launched #SnacksForStudents, in which they set up food donation bins at front entrances of several WalMart stores nationwide and encouraged shoppers to pick up some healthy, affordable snacks for children in need and place them in the bins. On March 4th, all of the food collected was donated to local schools in each of the respective communities.

How beautiful is that? Members of each community literally helped out their own neighbors, just by making a trip to WalMart.

As if that wasn’t enough, Champions for Kids, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Emerald, and Kettle Chips will all give out 13 awards totaling $45,000 to school districts and youth-based organizations based on the amount of donations collected.

To get involved and help hungry kids in your community, click here to find a participating WalMart store.

Anyone who is trying to raise a child or two (or more!) knows that it takes a village. Champions for Kids is a real partner in parenting, especially for families in need.

Lindsay Durrenberger

Lindsay Durrenberger is the wife of Dan, mother to Dax and Case, and cat-mother to Romeo. She lives in North Florida and when she's not blogging you can find her reading young adult fiction and listening to NPR.

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