You May Be Cleaning Your Home (and Your Children) With Products Containing Peanut Oil

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One of the country’s largest manufacturers of consumer products is not providing clear information on whether or not their products contain peanut oil, almond oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, and other allergens.


Procter & Gamble Co. brands include Swiffer, Febreze, Dawn, Ivory, Pampers, and Tide. [P&G lists all brands here.] The products themselves do not have nut or seed oils listed on the packaging. On the P&G website, no nut oils are listed under the products’ respective ingredients, but “fragrance” is listed. P&G breaks down what “fragrances” means on their corporate site, and lists peanut oil, almond oil (sweet), almond oil (bitter), sesame oil, and coconut oil in the 20-page document listing their full arsenal of ingredients  — not spelling out exactly which ingredients make up the particular fragrance of any given product. Update February 8, 2016: This PDF and the ingredients have changed. Please click here to view the original PDF from September 2nd, 2014 when we originally published this article.]

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So which of their products actually contain peanut oil or tree nut oil?

It’s proving to be a question no one can answer. Scratch or Sniff has made several calls and emails to the respective brands – Ivory, Pampers, Dawn – but the results have been disconcerting.

– In a phone call with Ivory soap, Devon, a representative at Ivory, told Scratch or Sniff that she did not have fragrance ingredient information for Ivory soap. When asked where one could find it, she suggested checking online. After telling her that information is not available online, she stated there was no way for her to find out that information.

– In a phone call with Dawn, a representative stated that Dawn uses peanut oil in its dishwashing soap.

– In a series of emails with a senior account manager for an agency representing Febreze, Scratch or Sniff was given the same link to the 20 page PDF. Scratch or Sniff asked for more information, but has not received any yet. (Will update should we get an email from the agency or P&G.)

– A P&G representative told a consumer in a phone call (information posted to a parenting forum) that any P&G product that has “fragrance” listed contains peanut oil.

– In a phone call with Swiffer, a P&G representative told a consumer in a phone call (information posted to a parenting forum), that Swiffer Wet Wipes and Swiffer Wet Jet are two products containing peanut oil.

– In emails with Pampers, Lisa, a representative, told Scratch or Sniff that she did not have fragrance ingredient information for Pampers and could not confirm whether or not the fragrance ingredient list online represents the fragrance in Pampers wipes.

You May Be Cleaning Your Home (and Your Children) With Products Containing Peanut Oil

You May Be Cleaning Your Home (and Your Children) With Products Containing Peanut Oil

– In an email with P&G, Scratch or Sniff asked for a list of products that do not contain peanuts or tree nuts. The response was another vague answer.

You May Be Cleaning Your Home (and Your Children) With Products Containing Peanut OilLegally, P&G is not doing anything wrong. In fact, P&G is likely not the only company being ambiguous about product ingredients. The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) declares that food ingredient labels must specify if the ingredients include one of the top eight major food allergens — milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans — but this act does not apply to consumer products, like baby wipes and cleaning products.

But ethically, we see a huge problem. How are we to wrap our heads around the fact that we parents have to be so hyper-aware of everything that we have to somehow intuitively know that the list of ingredients on our household cleaners is not a full representation of what is in the actual product?

Perhaps these products contain peanut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, and coconut oil that has been highly refined, which – in theory – would not cause reactions. [Dr. Scott Sicherer discusses peanut oil here.] Perhaps P&G believes that the oils are so highly diluted that it does not affect food-allergic children. Perhaps P&G is content with being well within the guidelines of the FALCPA. Perhaps P&G believes that because these products are not ingested, its products do not present as a risk. We would love to know where P&G stands on this, and if P&G would like to send us straightforward information on this, we’d be delighted to update this post.

You May Be Cleaning Your Home (and Your Children) With Products Containing Peanut Oil In a message posted on the message board in 2001 (thirteen years ago; it’s a wonder why this hasn’t been addressed properly since then), P&G said this about a Downy product:

This oil is present in the fragrance in minute amounts which is then further diluted during the wash so it should not represent any objective safety concern. However, we understand why you want to reduce all risks to your family.

On the same board, P&G also said:

We value the safety of the people who use our products above everything else and we want you to feel secure when using our brands. The only ingredient in our laundry products that could contain a material derived from nuts would be fragrance. We’d hate for anyone to attribute a rash or other reaction to a fragrance when the cause could be something else altogether. Your allergist is in the best position to help you determine the cause of an allergic reaction.

This information is from 2001, and P&G has not been forthcoming on its stance (that peanuts are diluted, but check with your allergist) since then. Could, however, using these products be harmful to the health of a food-allergic child? If a family uses Febreze on furniture, Swiffer wet wipes on floors, Dawn on dishes, Tide on clothing, and Pampers and Ivory on skin, could the aggregate amount contribute the overall decline of the health of a child?

You May Be Cleaning Your Home (and Your Children) With Products Containing Peanut Oil You May Be Cleaning Your Home (and Your Children) With Products Containing Peanut OilHere’s what food-allergic parents know. Not every reaction is an anaphylactic one. Not every reaction requires the usage of an Epi-pen and a trip to the ER. Sometimes allergies present in other ways – a sudden unexplained flare-up of eczema; an increased amount of wheezing at night; coughing; circles around the eyes.

This – in our opinion – is probably the most frustrating part of parenting food-allergic children; it’s hard to pinpoint what’s making them ill. The effects can be so ambiguous, which is why we believe this is particularly dangerous and discouraging. When big brands don’t disclose the full ingredient list of its products on packaging, and when big brands are unable to disclose what the ingredient list printed, it hurts the entire allergy community.

Update, 9/4/2014, 8:30am EST: Several Scratch or Sniff readers have let us know that they have directly called P&G and some of its brands to inquire about peanut oil. They’ve said that the brands have confirmed the presence of peanut oil in Dawn, Swiffer, etc, but will not disclose what type of peanut oil, sesame oil, etc is being used (highly refined, cold pressed, aromatic). They’ve also said that P&G is offering refunds for those products. We cannot confirm this directly, and we’re unsure of how the refund process would happen, but we’re passing along what our readers are telling us. Your mileage may vary.

Update, 9/4/2014, 10:40am EST: Excerpts from a phone call with Dawn:

Scratch or Sniff: Can you tell me if there is peanut oil in Dawn?
Dawn rep: Yes, we use peanut oil in the formulation.
Scratch or Sniff: Can you tell me if it’s highly refined peanut oil?
Dawn rep: We do not know the consistency or texture of what is used.
Scratch or Sniff: So, to clarify, there are traces of peanuts and tree nuts in Dawn dishwashing liquid?
Dawn rep: Yes, that is correct.
Scratch or Sniff: Has this been tested by an allergist?
Dawn rep: All products have been tested and approved by the FDA.
Scratch or Sniff: Is this product considered hypoallergenic?
Dawn rep: Not all Dawn is hypoallergenic. Dawn Pure Essentials is the only hypoallergenic product.
Scratch or Sniff: But the Dawn Pure Essentials ingredient list links to the same fragrance list as all the other products. That fragrance list includes peanut oil, tree nut oil, and sesame oil.
Dawn rep: I’m going to file that information with the team and they will be sure to look into

Update, 9/4/2014, 10:45am EST: It looks like you can call the number on the back of each product and request a refund. You’ll need the bottle in order to give them information, and they may request that you ship the product back to them. Scratch or Sniff was offered refunds in the form of a debit card that will arrive in 6 – 8 weeks.

Update, 9/5/2014, 4:30pm EST: We’ve put together a tentative and small (but growing) list of purportedly nut-free cleaning supplies.

Update, 9/8/2014, 1:30pm EST:  P&G recants!


We’ll be sharing more information as we get it. You can follow our Facebook page for updates.

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This post has been a collaborative effort from the Scratch or Sniff team. Contributors include Heather Laura Clarke, Tiffany Self, Alayna Wetherhead, and Roo Ciambriello.

99 Comments to You May Be Cleaning Your Home (and Your Children) With Products Containing Peanut Oil

  1. Kristen

    This is unbelievable. I don’t care if the oils are “highly diluted” or even highly refined per P&G — if it’s in the product, tell us so we can make an informed decision whether or not to use it. Food allergy parents are accustomed to reading labels and ingredient lists. We just need all the information!

    • Roo Ciambriello

      Agree with this entirely, Kristen! Well said.

  2. This is so scary! I wonder if this is what is leading to the increase in children’s allergies/asthma/eczema, etc. I’ve always had a terrible reaction to Bounce fabric softener and wonder if it’s one of these things. Highly diluted interactions overtime can cause problems for sure.

    • We totally agree, Krystyn! These are products are just about everybody has in their home, so it’s something we’re taking very seriously.

  3. Leigh

    My son reacted to Pampers a year before we found out about his other allergies. My 2.5 month old has reacted to Pampers as well. I now have so many questions. I think we need to be given ALL ingredients to make an informed decision. In the meantime, the Dawn and Swiffer products I have will be leaving my home. Thank you. I hope P&G responds.

    • We are hopeful, too, Leigh, because we haven’t gotten very clear answers so far. Every rep just keeps pushing us to that 20-page PDF outlying ALL possible fragrance ingredients. We believe consumers need to know every single ingredient in a product they’re purchasing, and that shouldn’t be so hard to disclose. Thanks for commenting!

    • Amy

      My peanut allergic son also had a horrible, raw, open sore bottom with Pampers. It went away as soon as we switched brands.

      • Tiffany Self

        Amy, what brand did you switch to? It’s all very curious, isn’t it?

        • Amy

          We went to Nature Babycare and Earth’s Best because they both use plant-based gel inside them rather than chemicals. I cloth diapered my next child.

  4. Caroline

    This sadly reminds me of the “soy oil” problem– “it’s so highly refined *most* allergic people don’t react, so therefore because the law says so, we don’t have to list it in the “allergen” section.” (My son is affected by soybean/vegetable oil)

    Sounds like P&G is using the same cop-out for their products– “*most* allergic people won’t have a reaction, we don’t legally have to label it, so we’re not.”

    Sigh. I get so frustrated at the chemical/personal care product/ food industry. And I’m a chemist! I understand protecting formulations, but at what cost to the consumers?!?(not to mention the PR nightmares )

    • Totally, Caroline. We would never ask them to disclose their “magic fragrance formula,” but peanuts and tree nuts are in the Top 8 food allergies! If peanut oil and almond oil are used in a product (however minimally) it should absolutely be on the label.

      • Kelly


    • My son reacts to all soy as well. I feel the exact way that you do and I cannot stand it when people try to “educated” me about how those oils are not allergenic.

  5. Stephanie

    Now I know why I have to use Fragrance Free Tide for ALL of my son’s stuff. He’s ana to Peanuts and Tree Nuts. Regular Tide or ANY Tide in an orange bottle may not cause him to go into Anaphylaxis but it does make it him break out in hives and inflames his eczema. Maybe P&G should think about this… yes whatever amount you’re using is “diluted” but you’re exposing kids that are already allergic to peanuts to more peanuts; an allergy that might have been outgrown but with repeated hidden exposure is not, and might even be intensified by having hidden peanut and tree nut byproducts within your products.

    • Tiffany Self

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Stephanie! We’ve seen a lot of anecdotal evidence like your experience, which is why we are hoping for further information from P&G. We’re continuing to look into this and will report back what we learn. In the meantime, raising awareness is our goal!

    • Jay

      I just hear that the natural green cleaning agents in all Green products contain oils from tree nuts. Whats up with that.

  6. Quite frankly, after all of these years (9 years with my son), it’s truly unbelievable that we still struggle to find out this information.

    • Exactly, Kristin! We were very surprised to learn about this, considering how far the industry has come in terms of allergies. That’s why we are hoping to have concrete answers very soon! Thanks for commenting.

    • Tiffany

      I feel you, Kristin! My son is 8 and just when I think I have a handle on what comes into my house, I stumble across something like this.

    • Tiffany Self

      Thanks for sharing, Karen. We’ll check it out!

  7. Amanda

    I really appreciate the way you all presented this information. Yes, this is scary news for FA parents/families, but you laid out the facts (as obtained from the specific companies) while stating your concerns and opinions without letting any emotions get in the way of the information. I was able to get through this article with a level head and without feeling any anxiety toward the situation. As a FA parent, I am very concerned about these products being in my home (many of them are and many have been for a long time). Your research and the research of other FA parents will help me with doing my own research and making my own phone calls too. I’m looking forward to reading more informative FA articles. Thanks again.

    • Thank you so much, Amanda! We did try to be objective and not get everyone lighting up the torches for P&G, so we’re very glad we succeeded!

  8. This website is AWESOME!! Now changing every cleaning product out of the house. THIS ExPLAINS so much about what happens on cleaning day in this house!!

    • Kate

      Thanks for stopping by, Alexandra!

    • Kate

      Hi Alexandra, we’re curious about what you mean by what happens on cleaning day. Also, if you do switch products, let us know what works for you!

  9. Thank you for this info…we have allergies to nuts in our house and this is so helpful. I will be posting this on my website and social media!

    • Tiffany Self

      Thanks for stopping by, Lorette!

  10. All Free and Clear gave me a list of all 8 ingredients in the product and they do not contain peanut oil, they do contain coconut oil and they were up front and honest with their ingredients.

    Mr. Clean said that peanut oil is in their fragrances but they could not confirm or deny if it was in their products. Not sure what that means.

    Dawn basically said the same thing.

    • Tiffany Self

      Thanks for sharing what you know, Cara! Very helpful.

  11. Carol

    Wow. Just wow. This makes me wonder if kids are being sensitized to peanuts by contact with Pampers on eczema or diaper rash. Our allergist has said warned that putting any food item on broken skin can cause an allergy to that food.

    • Tiffany Self

      Hadn’t heard that before, Carol. Thank you for sharing! There’s a lot to consider here!

  12. Rebecca

    Thank you!! Will have to forward this to family members battling eczema. I know they use some of these products!

    • Tiffany Self

      Thanks for sharing, Rebecca! We’d be curious to know if they see a difference if they switch products.

  13. Rebecca Lewis

    This is scary! My child doesn’t have to ingest it to have a severe reaction! This would explain her mysterious breakouts! P&G should be ashamed of themselves. They obviously don’t have a child with these types of allergies!

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      It is frightening Rebecca! We will let you know as soon as we hear back from P&G.

  14. Lucretia

    Well that explains why our highly peanut & tree nut allergic kid had always had skin reactions to certain products with fragrances… despite the fact that she didn’t test allergic to the flowers or supposed base of the scent.
    That does it for us for P&G products until they fix it. And I’ve been a loyal brand supporter of theirs.

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      We have used P&G faithfully as well Lucretia! This is why we are hoping they will respond with their ingredients so we can know which products are safe. Hopefully we hear back soon!

  15. Kathryn

    Uh, you may not like this but why not do things the old fashioned way? Cloth diapers. Clean with vinegar & water, or baking soda. Fels Naptha soap. Yeah, it may be more work but you won’t have to spend your time chasing down every single bit of ingredient. And yes, I’m speaking as a mother and a grandmother of children with severe peanut allergies. (as well as eggs & dairy) I’ve been in this battle for 34 years.

    • Roo Ciambriello

      The old fashioned way works great for us; we’re not saying that at all. In fact, I’ve been making my own laundry detergent (which I’ve shared here on Scratch or Sniff) for awhile now. Love my food processor for that. :) Regardless of homemade vs. store bought, we think consumers should definitely be in the know.

      (As an aside, a lot of people have reactions to Fels Naptha soap, due to fragrance, coconut ingredients, etc. “Your mileage may vary” seems to be the name of the game with so many of these products. Yikes!)

    • mst.martin

      Be sure to read all the chemicals in the Fels Napatha soap ingredients….we have been battling eczema for two years with my grandson. We used Fels Napatha soap for stains on cloths….he has severe breakouts….after reading the ingredients we are certain that is what has been causing his eczema. Very scary!

  16. Somer

    I am curious if any of this has been resolved. It’s now Sept 2014 and some of these comments reference 2012. With my little boy having an allergy to peanuts, I’ll be sticking to my Thieves household cleaner! This is super scary!

    • Roo Ciambriello

      Hi Somer! We were making phone calls up through today, and P&G still states that peanut oil is in its products. The complete list is up on the website, too.

  17. If I could give P&G a dose of the eczema we deal with daily, have them second guess where a reaction is coming from… to the floor, a counter surface, a random dish. They don’t get that, aside from the ingestion danger (a big one), we could be sensitizing our children with impaired skin barrier to these allergens or MUCH worse, creating tiny allergic reactions on the skin. I am really so grateful to have found this post. Nice work!

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      Thank you Stephanie! We are standing by the consumer’s right to at least know what is in the products, then from there, make the choice whether or not to use them. Hopefully they can at least understand where we are coming from! Families with allergies or not, it is only fair that the label contains ALL ingredients used! All reactions should matter, from tiny skin reactions to anaphylactic shock. Thank you for reading and we will be sure to keep you updated on their response! :)

  18. Breffney

    I spoke with Sunlight and Swiffer in Canada and in neither case did the customer service agent have any information about whether or not their products contain nut oils. They said they would call me back with the information and if I find it, I will post it. But it is alarming that allergy information isn’t available to them readily. One suggested that they might only release that information with a request from a doctor because fragrance formulae are proprietary. To me this is ridiculous. I indicated clearly that I am not requesting the formula, I am simply asking them to confirm the presence or absence of nuts and nut products/oils.

    • Roo Ciambriello

      Thank you for call, Breffney. Would love to hear your findings.

      We’ve found that people have ran into the same trouble with P&G. P&G will not disclose whether or not the oils used are highly refined, etc, because the formula is confidential.

  19. JJT

    Companies really need to start thinking about how they report on allergens – if not because it is the right thing to do for safety reasons, but because of their own bottom line. All it takes is one serious reaction to a product to cause a ruckus with their brand name.

    However, many companies sadly do not get it, even on the food side of things where there is at least some regulation on allergen notification. I have been trying to communicate with Newman’s Organics about confusing statements on their Pop’s Corn label and the FAQ they have on their site. The box only lists Dairy and Soy as allergens, but their web site mentions the Vitamin E source for their products does contain peanut allergens. While the Pop’s corn section specifically states it does not add various allergens to Pop’s Corn (, a later gluten statement contradicts it and says that product contains the Vitamin E and that source contains soy and peanut allergens.

    That is a pretty serious omission on the product box labels.

    There does not seem to be any phone number to call for the company, and two attempts to contact them via their web site form have gone unanswered. I have filed a complaint with the FDA on the product.

    Strange days, these.

    • Wow, that’s surprising that the company has been so hard to reach, JJT! Keep us posted on the FDA complaint — that is very interesting.

  20. Kristine

    My 12yo daughters anaphylactic reactions to peanuts/legumes has grown worse as she’s gotten older. Years of undocumented exposure is my only guess. Now I am going to head back to Costco and return the cascade I JUST bought because it has Dawn in it.
    I break out in hives with Tide we don’t use it but my in laws do and I had to fly from Atlanta to San Francisco covered in hives from the clothes my MIL laundered.

    • Thanks for sharing, Kristine, and that’s terrible about the reactions you and your daughter have experienced with Dawn and Tide. We’re hopeful we can find out exactly which products have peanut oil and/or almond oil in them, so we can draw up a “safe list” of P&G products people can still purchase.

  21. missy

    I just called…Dawn contains peanut oil. I asked her if I was the first one to call. She said they are getting a lot of phone calls since the beginning of the week. She also mentioned they might take the oil out if they keep getting calls…?????

    CALL! 1-800-725-3296

    • Tiffany Self

      Thanks Missy! We’ve been calling for information, and I suspect many others have been, too. If we work together, we can effect change..if for nothing else, to be told what is in our household products. Thanks for letting us know!

  22. missy

    Oh….and they are refunding my money.

    • That’s great, Missy! Very glad you called, because we have been calling nonstop — and the more people asking questions, the sooner we’ll get some concrete answers. We hope, at least!

  23. jesse

    Peanut oil lacks the protein that peanuts have that cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, being allergic to peanuts does not make someone allergic to peanut oil.

    • Roo Ciambriello

      We linked to a great article on Allergic Living that disputes that a bit, Jesse.

    • Nicole

      You have no idea what you are taking about. My daughter is highly allergic to peanuts and cannot have peanut oil. She could never have Chinese or Japanese food because they use peanut oil. She could never step foot in a habatchi restaurant because she has an airborne allergy and will have a reaction to the “peanut oil” in the air. She also had an anaphylaxis reaction to chicken fingers made with “peanut oil”.

  24. Dani

    As your children grow into teens, be aware of Aspirin allergies and acne products. Salicylic Acid is an aspirin derivative, and can cause similar results. I found out the hard way…

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      Thanks for the heads up Dani! We will definitely be aware of that as our kids grow. Thank you for sharing!

    • Elle

      Like you, Dani, I recently learned the hard way that I had an aspirin allergy. The salicylic acid connection is one I never would’ve thought of (but just looked into, thanks to you!)! It explains so much, and I wonder whether I would’ve scarred far less had not almost every acne “solution” lining the store aisles borne that ingredient.

  25. stacy

    This is so infuriating!! My daughter has ALWAYS had a sensitivity to any product with fragrance in it since she was born. At 18 mos old, we found out she was allergic to peanuts and tree nuts through an accidental exposure but NO ONE ever told us there was a correlation between the two! Nor did we know that every time she had an eczema flare-up or rash that we blamed on fragrance was likely a reaction to a PN or TN!

    • It’s absolutely terrible, Stacy, and I’m sorry to hear your daughter has had such bad reactions. A lot of people do react to scented products — and it’s brushed off as environmental allergies — so who’s to say that they’re not ACTUALLY reacting to the peanut or tree nut oil? We hope to have some clear answers very soon! Thanks so much for sharing.

  26. Deanna Nessmith

    WOW…..Thank you for sharing this. I had no idea. We have nut allergies in our household, and all of us to different kind nuts too. And yes, even our boxer Lucy has a peanut allergy. Now I feel bad because almost everything she touches I have been using these products on. Now I need to try to figure out what products I can use for all of us, but especially for Lucy. :(

    • Tiffany Self

      We’re working on a follow up, Deanna! We are working to find safe brands, etc. and are thrilled that others are pitching in on the effort. Several are posting their findings on our Facebook page. If you haven’t checked it out yet, visit there and you’ll see a great crowdsourcing action going on.

      Poor Lucy–I never knew dogs could have peanut allergies. How does that work? Do you have a epipen for her?

      • Deanna Nessmith

        Lucy doesn’t need an Epipen thank goodness. She gets lethargic and acts like she is on a sedative or something. Her eyes get glassy too. We just give her Benadryl and it helps her. We are always afraid of what will happen if she eats them and we don’t know it. Our house is peanut free or at least we thought so until I read this article. Thank you again for this information.

  27. Joree

    just called P&G and I was told ALL WetJet solutions have peanut oil. I am “getting a call back” from them regarding a refund. One more thing to worry about…

    • Well, that’s good to know, Joree! Wouldn’t it have been nice of them to put that right on the label, so we all knew from the beginning? Thanks for sharing!

  28. Cathy

    Thankyou for this blog post. I did find a few product that are safe for our allergy children and self’s. Method (soap, laundry detergent, cleaners ect.) is peanut and tree nut free and so is California baby (lotion, hair wash, conditioner ect.)

  29. Kelly Smith

    I get the focus of this article is on P&G, but it is bigger than that. I hope everyone realizes that the other manufacturers do the same thing. I would imagine just about all of them do.

    • You’re absolutely right, Kelly. P&G has really opened our eyes to this whole “fragrance containing peanut oil and almond oil” nightmare, so we’re certainly not done investigating!

  30. Caitlin

    My son is TN & PN and we have used Tide Free & Gentle liquid laundry detergent for years with no issue, but just to be safe, I called Tide up at 1-800-879-8433 and spoke to a Tide representative (Jim) about their liquid Tide Free & Gentle laundry detergent (supposed to be free of dyes and perfumes). Jim said Tide Free & Gentle does not contain peanut or nut oils. Sounds like from other commenters that if a product contains perfume/fragrance, TN or PN oils could be used, but Tide Free & Gentle does not have perfume/fragrance used in it, so it is OK (at least in our household).

    • Tiffany Self

      Thanks for sharing, Caitlin! :-)

  31. Erin

    I have to give a huge thank you to this website and to Linda who forwarded this site to me. My son is anaphylactic to peanuts and nuts and I always feeling like I’m walking on egg shells when grocery shopping. Reading the same package of bread every week and reading every package of food I buy. That’s my job to keep my little cowboy safe. I even read the cleaners…thinking they were safe. Now to know they are not. How dare these companies keep such important info from the consumers. I wonder how they would be reacting if they were in our shoes and being left out in the dark? It’s very upsetting. I will be sharing this website to my friends.
    Keep up the hard work Scratch or Sniff!!!

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      We are SO glad we could help Erin! Thank you for reading :D

  32. This is so scary! They can hide it all they want, but there’s no hiding it from those who are allergic. I have the same problem with methylisothiazolinone, a preservative. Many companies label this as “preservative.”

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      Lisa, one of our writers just said yesterday, “If nothing else this will be a win for product labeling”! We hope so!!!

  33. Lauren E

    I just wanted to say that this article has helped us make some decisions and a plan of action for my daughter. My oldest is highly allergic to peanuts, and even the scent of a nut gives her headaches and severe stomach upset. About 2 years ago, she started suffering from chronic headaches. Oddly enough, around the same time, I began couponing and Herbal Essences was free. She began using HE exclusively. We’re going to switch her shampoo and her toothpaste (Crest) to see if it helps. We’ll post updates.

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      Please keep us updated Lauren! We hope you find some answers for your daughter!

  34. Jackie Manning

    Maybe we should boycott the FDA and demand that any and all food oils used in chemicals should be disclosed the same way they are on food packages. May contain tree nuts.
    This is hard for me to swallow. My son is allergic to corn, soy, fish, shellfish, and tree nuts.
    My non allergy kid broke out from the tide pods.
    I’m allergic to a lot of soaps and fabric softeners. Tide, dawn and downy are the ones safe for me.
    My daughter and I are both allergic to triclosan (antibacterial ingredient).
    If I have to buy special soap for my allergic to everything kid, I will. I already have to buy foods free from all of his allergens plus gluten and lactose free for my daughter.


    So glad i saw this article, great info. We are not affected by nut oil or gluten allergies but I see it is a real issue for some. I love helping people to connect with a US based manufacturer that actually cares more about its customers than profit.

  36. Deb

    Has anyone questioned Crest toothpaste too? I am concerned now….beyond concerned!

  37. Jennifer

    I spoke with P&G twice and was told they do not use peanut oil in their product. Not in the fragrance nor any other part of the formulation. Both people also told me that if they do then they are required to list it on the label. I then found out a friend’s sister worked there before so she checked into it with the same findings, no peanut oil. This was all on 10/17/14.

  38. Jennifer

    I should’ve clarified in my comment that the product I specifically asked about was Dawn and found there was no peanut oil in it.

  39. Monica Riggs

    I’m trying to find the ingredients for Kirkland and Huggies Diapers. Can someone help me? I have a little one who allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.

  40. Mae Barton

    You did an amazing job! Fantastic research! I am not surprised at all. There is a reason for children`s allergies. Thank you for paying attention to this issue. I am happy that there are still people who are interested in healthy living! Greetings!

  41. Jennie

    Did anyone research this properly? P&G tells you straight up if you call that they have never ever used any peanut oils in any products….

    • Roo Ciambriello

      Yes, of course. When this article was first published, many of our readers received refunds from Dawn, etc because they did disclose that their fragrance lineup included peanut oil, sesame oil, etc.

  42. Jill B.

    Having worked for P&G for 17 years, about half of it in product development, I know that it is a company that is extremely oriented toward what consumers want. If there is enough out-cry about peanut oil in their products AND enough evidence to show that this is an issue (in other words, families are being affected by the peanut oil in these products), they will act on it. So keep contacting them, and if you have had an experience with one of their products that is indicative of the problem, don’t hesitate to let them know!

  43. snow

    Peanut oil lacks the protein that peanuts have that cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, being allergic to peanuts does not make someone allergic to peanut oil.”

    I’m an adult who has lived with PA since I was 5. I just wanted to comment on the above statement. This is not true at all….mater of fact being in a restaurant that was cooking in peanut oil was how they found out that I was allergic. I never even consumed the food because I had such a sever reaction just being in the building (eyes swollen shut, hives, asthma with anaphylaxis, ect…). Also, it being refined, cold pressed, ect…. doesn’t make a difference to some people either. They still have a reaction, it may not cause a life threatening one but still the have severe reactions.

    Thank you for the information above. I have always been very careful of all ingredients and wondered why I would still get rashes from certain soaps, asthma with cleaning products and air fresheners. Now, I know……it’s hard to find the “unlisted” ingredients sometimes.

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