Making Cooking for Food-Allergic Children Just a Little Bit Easier

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I am not one of those amazing people that has a natural bent towards cooking. I like take-out and pizza and having other people do the cooking. In a perfect world, my kitchen would be enchanted, just like the one in Beauty and the Beast, except without that weird dark, damp castle feeling, and I’d be serenaded by a sassy candelabra and served four course meals every evening. (In a perfect world, my jeans would also never be too tight after eating said four course meal, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Alas, not only is my stove standard issue and not, you know, magical, but frequent take-out is simply not in the cards for this mom of 3. Aside from the fact that it’s super not healthy and the local Chinese restaurant price gouges everything (are you sure house lo-mein is supposed to cost so much?), two of my daughters have extensive food allergies. At the height of our food allergies, the looks on servers faces when I said “Yeah, so we can’t order anything with dairy, egg, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, or mustard” was comical.

I mean, not that I laughed.

And so I cook. From scratch, for the most part. While my husband can open a cupboard and the refrigerator and go “Yeah, so we have some of this, some of that, I’ll throw this all together and it will be amazing,” the thought of cooking like that gives me anxiety.

I need a recipe. And all of the ingredients. And a preheated oven. And no one asking me to help with homework. I might as well be a brain surgeon, is what I’m saying. That’s how hard I have to concentrate.

“I need 40 ccs of extra virgin olive oil, stat!” but, you know, no one answers?

I’m all for making potentially stressful moments easier, and that’s where the Intel 2 in 1 comes into play. It’s a laptop, but it’s also a tablet. A tabtop. A laplet. Nah, never mind.

Intel Advocate Experience

It’s small and portable and perfect for www surfing on the couch or at the kitchen table while I help with homework, and it folds back into a tidy tablet, which is perfect for pulling up my favorite recipes while I listen to music and make dinner. I can scroll up and down by dragging a finger across the screen, and it keeps everything I need right where I need it. I’ll never turn away singing teapots, but this is a pretty good alternative. ;)

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Roo Ciambriello

If Scratch or Sniff founder/editor Roo Ciambriello could list all of her favorite things, they'd include her sweet little family, food trucks, and every AMA Snoop Dogg has done on Reddit. Roo is a copywriter out of New Haven, Connecticut, and loves writing fun stories on the backs of potato chip bags and cereal boxes in Whole Foods, Target, Nordstrom, Kroger, y mucho mas. Roo creates voices for brands, ghostwrites for celebrities, writes a personal website, and is (much to the chagrin of those around her) pretty active on Twitter. You can also find her providing commentary on advertising/branding at Adweek and eating fajitas on deadline days.

11 Comments to Making Cooking for Food-Allergic Children Just a Little Bit Easier

  1. Tammy

    I would love to hear if there are any specific places you look to for recipes. I love using a tablet in the kitchen rather than digging through cookbooks that I cant use many of the ingredients of anyway.

    • Roo Ciambriello

      Hey Tammy! We’ll be posting more recipes on Scratch or Sniff, so stay tuned. I also do a lotttttt of substituting on regular recipes.

  2. Alayna Wetherhead

    OHHHH I love this! Using it for recipes?! Hm. May have to try this with our tablet at home tonight. :)

    • Roo Ciambriello

      Game changer, I swear it.

  3. I’m a horrrrrible cook but I love baking. I wish baked goods could be dinner. (I would also love any recipes you could offer, Roo!)

  4. Tiffany Self

    GREAT! I’ve wanted a tablet for a long time to save my laptop from the goop in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing, Roo!

    • Roo Ciambriello

      You bet, Tiffany!

  5. Kate

    This looks great- anything to make cooking dinner a little easier. Try looking up some slow cooker recipes- then you can relax with your tablet while the cooking happens magically. I’m cooking something right now and I’m not even home!

    • Roo Ciambriello

      We should compile a list of allergy-friendly slow cooker meals!

  6. Kristin

    I don’t have allergies, or kids, but I really love reading this blog to learn about what living with both kids & allergies is like. I’m not in love with cooking, but at 26 I figure I really need to work on it! I have so many recipes pinned, but rarely go back to actually get the ingredients & try them so this is a good reminder to use my tablet instead of having to print everything out & get on it!

    On another note, your website doesn’t adjust if I make the screen smaller (I’m in Firefox) so it cuts off your header & everything on the side. Not sure if that is how you want it, but just thought I would point that out :)

    • Roo Ciambriello

      Oooh, thanks for the heads up! I’m always looking at the site on a gigantic screen, so I’ve missed that. Will fix.

      So glad you like the site, Kristin! Appreciate your kind words. :)

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