The Incognito Asthma Med in Your Purse

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Epi-wielding individuals rejoice! Those auto-injectors can do more than just help in case of an allergic reaction. Did you know that you can also use your EpiPen® or Auvi-Q™ for a severe asthma attack?

In fact, because a severe food allergic reaction can masquerade as a severe asthma attack, you may want to keep this info tucked in your mind for use “just in case.”

You can use your epipen for asthma

Here’s a quick primer on what I’ve learned recently (so of course I had to pass on to you).

Epinephrine has been a go-to med for fast acting asthma relief for decades. Remember Primatene Mist®? I do; it was like my sister’s best friend back in the day. I had no idea that when I watched her use her inhaler, one day I would carry the very same med in my purse always in case my son accidentally ingested one of his multiple allergens.

This is for real, y’all. Check out the label here. First launched in 1963, Primatene Mist® has a long-standing history of helping when an asthma attack occurs.

I’m not a doctor, but I did come across this blog post by pediatric allergist Dr. Paul Ehrlich, who breaks down the use of epinephrine for asthma for regular folk to understand a little better.

Here’s the deal, epi-wielding friends: this clearly isn’t for your quick, use-the-albuterol-inhaler-once-and-you’re-fine gig. This is for a serious asthma attack. And if you do use it, be sure to call 911 as always after using an auto-injector. That said, doesn’t it feel good to have more than one use for that auto-injector? Not only that, but isn’t it fabulous to know this useful tidbit of information?

Have you ever used an auto-injector for an asthma attack? Share with us!

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