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Now that we are home from our trip to the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore, MD, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share some of our favorite Expo East finds with you! Let us know if you try any of these!

Expo East Favorites

Filfil – Even though we each brought home our own bottle of this insanely good hot sauce, I have it on good authority that at least one of us has already finished theirs! Yes, it is that good. “We believe our products go hand in hand with our modern busy lives where the consumer doesn’t have to compromise flavor and health in a meal. Filfil™ adds the Yumm to almost any dish. With garlic as its main ingredient and a handful of natural spices and oils, Filfil™ is also healthy and nutritious.”

Honeydrop – The raw manuka honey ones. I don’t even know where to begin. Not too sweet, deliciously refreshing and guilt-free! We all loved a different product, but, it was a unanimous vote that Honeydrop was one of our favorite brands. “A healthy line of fresh-brewed teas and natural juices made with a tablespoon of pure, unrefined honey. You will never find artificial or refined sugars, GMOs, or gluten and each bottle contains only 80 to 100 calories.

The Jackfruit Company – Low in calories, soy and gluten free, it is an absolutely delicious meat alternative! “Our mission is to transform healthy eating, farmer’s livelihoods, and humanity’s eco-footprint, for the better. Using direct-from-farm supply chains, we are adding a reliable and substantial source of income to farmers, and providing consumers with an ethically, sustainably sourced delicious meat alternative.”

Chaat – A savory yogurt snack that is being launched soon. Yes, you heard us right. SAVORY yogurt. So, so good. Watch your markets for this!

Deep Steep – This may be a personal favorite. Probably because I have been using it DAILY since Expo and unfortunately my samples are almost empty! The Grapefruit Bergamot body butter is the best. “Deep Steep produces truly natural bath and body care products offering the superior performance of luxury products with no phthalates, parabens or chemical preservatives. Non-GMO, Gluten-free, 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free (never tested on animals!). Available in seriously sensuous fragrances carefully formulated with essential oils, Deep Steep looks, feels, and smells like luxury brands, priced for everyday use.

i heart keenwah – They just released a new product, quinoa puffs. And, I can honestly say that my five year old will eat the Aged Cheddar flavor as opposed to your regular, gross cheese puff. SUPER tasty and kid-approved?! Done. And the Peanut Butter Cacao snacks were amazing as well.

Hilary’s Eat Well – Being a vegetarian for a few years, I have tried (or so I thought) every veggie burger on the market. There is a wide range, some being fantastic, some…. well, lets just say there are a few not-so-good ones out there. I tried the Adzuki Black Bean as well as a few new flavors and in the two weeks since being home I have already located them at my local grocery store and finished a package! Bonus? They are allergen-free!

Blue Hill Yogurt – One of our favorite booths to stop by, these farmers don’t simply do yogurt! They also have markets and restaurants that you absolutely need to find if you are in the New York area! “The story of Blue Hill Farm is in many ways the story of the Blue Hill restaurants: sustaining the iconic landscape of the Northeast in pursuit of great flavor. And now Blue Hill Yogurt is a natural extension of the same idea: supporting farms that raise dairy cows in the best possible way and using their well-pastured grass-fed milk; sourcing delicious, local vegetables from neighbors in the region; and preserving a dairy tradition that connects our family, Blue Hill, and the Northeast.”

SoapBox Soaps – You have heard us mention them before, but we had to highlight them once again! They have a fantastic new line of haircare products that are now available at Target.

Sweet Note Bakery – We met this wonderful brand at Fancy Foods in NYC earlier this year, and have to say, we have never had a better allergen-free bagel. Ever. We are highlighting them again today though, because you have got to try the new Pumpkin Spice bagels. Like. Right away.

Skeeter Nut Free – This may be my little guys favorite sample I brought home. We knew about Skeeter before, but had never tried the chocolate chip mini cookies, and we’re sold! Also a perfect option for lunchbox snacks since they are completely nut-free. “A few years ago while having lunch, founders Dave and Pete were discussing their frustration with the lack of nut-free foods available for their own kids, Remy and Abby, who both have nut allergies. They were frustrated that what was safe was expensive and didn’t appeal to their non-allergic kids.”

PUR gum – We all know diet soda is bad, and to watch for aspartame in other snacks etc. But do you think about your gum? We really hadn’t until stopping by this booth! They gave us a bag of the cool mint flavor, and it is a WIN. My five year old and I didn’t take long to finish off the whole bag and have gone hunting for more! They are also coming out with mints!

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