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SS fancy food favorites

If you follow us on social media at all (which you really should at least check out our Facebook page), you’d know that three of our team headed into the city for the Summer Fancy Foods show last week. We hung out, sampled lots of food, chatted about launching Remmy (our app for all of YOU!) and had a really amazing time! Here is a quick roundup of some of our favorite brands we located while at the show.


Jawea: My personal favorite. Friends. The mango chili flavor is out of this world! No exaggeration. The coffee was pretty delish too. And Roo said the Horchata was incredible. Basically. Buy them all. I even think my hubby who doesn’t like coconut would love these!


Cocomel: Not TOO sweet, super chewy, smooth and velvety… now I’m craving one. Do yourself a favor and located one of these flavors! I have only ever tried the original, which is outstanding. But better safe than sorry. You should purchase every kind and see what you like (and ship some to me next time!)


8Myles: Three words. Pineapple Buffalo Sauce. I tried them all. And they are all killer. But the pineapple?! Incredible. I am going to purchase this and make wings as soon as possible.

brooklyn cookie company

Brooklyn Cookie Company: These mushroom meringues are their regular meringue cookies held together with a dollop of dark chocolate. Fun, tasty, gluten-free and low in fat! Word on the street (shhhh) is that they may be attempting some vegan cookies as well in the near future!


Brami Beans: A quick history lesson. “The legend of BRAMI dates back to the Ancient Egyptians Pharaohs, who brought lupini seeds with them in their tombs to the afterlife.  But it was the Roman Empire that truly harnessed the power of lupini. Roman warriors relied on this protein-packed bean to fuel them on long journeys.  Now this ancient superbean is finally here to power the modern warrior.” Cool right?! Allergen-free and high protein. Snacks for everyone!

field trip jerky

Field Trip Jerky: I’ve only tried the turkey (which was awesome) but I’ve heard rave reviews about their other kinds as well. And it is a snack you can feel good about eating and sharing. No preservatives or sodium nitrates!


Biena Foods: Sweet or salty? Ranch or barbecue? There is a flavor for everyone and with 5 grams of protein per serving, you really can’t beat it. Let us know what your favorite is!


Macaccino: Did you know… “provides the warm, energizing experience that a coffee or energy drink can bring, but without the jitters or crashes that come with coffee and energy drinks.” Also, it tastes super good and even your kids can enjoy it!






Alayna Wetherhead

Alayna Wetherhead lives in Connecticut with her husband and son who totally thinks he's a superhero. She likes running, making cookies out of chick peas, is a Yankee fan by marriage, and gets a high out of seeing her grocery total after coupons. She also has an Instagram you can follow.

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