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(Disclosure: This post is sponsored by MomSelect, LeapFrog and CLIF Kid)

Wasn’t last winter awful? It felt particularly difficult to me because I hated cooping my two little boys up in the house. Craft projects and pillow forts are awesome, don’t get me wrong, but two little boys need to be exercised daily like horses. They get antsy and anxious without the opportunity to run and jump. In order to work out some of their energy, we would do jumping jacks, pushups and jog in place. It definitely expended energy, but I don’t know how much fun it was.

Finding healthy snacks is always a challenge when we’re on the run. That’s why I love CLIF Kid ZBars Protein– they’re easy to grab and I feel good knowing that they’re USDA Organic and contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and synthetic preservatives. (Full disclosure: because the some of the labels indicate that they may contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts, I reserve this snack for my younger son, who does not have any food allergies.) And to be honest, I find them to be the perfect size to eat about 20 minutes before a run so I’m satisfied but not over-full.

Sponsored: Fit Made Fun

With these challenges in mind, I was thrilled to host a Fit Made Fun MommyParty featuring both the LeapBand (a new wearable activity tracker from LeapFrog) and CLIF Kid ZBar Protein snacks. We invited a few friends over for a fun morning of healthy activities and snacks.

We had a great time using the LeapBands to play Challenge Relays (the LeapBand comes pre-loaded with creative Challenge prompts to get kids moving like wiggle like a worm, dance like a chicken, jump like a kangaroo and others.) The younger children enjoyed coloring printables with tips for healthy eating and exercise. We had a blast playing with our LeapBands!

Sponsored Post: CLIF Kids and LeapBand (fit made fun)

Sponsored Post: CLIF Kid and LeapBand (fit made fun)

Disclosure: LeapFrog generously sent me two LeapBands for my son and a friend to use and for me to review. CLIF Kid generously sent me CLIF Kid ZBar Protein to use and review. All opinions are my own! – Kate



6 Comments to Fit Made Fun!

  1. What a fun morning! My little guy would love one of these bands — he’s obsessed with watches, and would certainly like one that encouraged him to jump around.

    • Kate

      They were really fun.

  2. Tiffany Self

    I love this! Wish they’d had them when my guy was a little younger–but I’ll check out anyway *just in case.*

    • Kate

      Thanks Tiffany!

  3. Alayna

    Oh! I need to look into these bands! My four year old would love it! And the Clif Kid bars (brownie of course) are an absolute favorite in our house. Love that they’re so healthy AND chocolately :)

    • Kate

      The protein bars are chocolate heaven! There’s a chocolate mint flavor, too!

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