The Food Allergy Parent’s Life According to Friends

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Eight moments life as a food allergy parent can be summed up by Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, and yes, even Janice:

1) When you find a new, safe food in the grocery store.


2) When you realize the EpiPen was left in the car overnight. Again. ::sob::


3) When your friend/nanny/sister-in-law texts you pics of labels asking “is this safe?”


4) When you specify an egg allergy and the restaurant manager says, “we’ve got plenty of gluten free options!”


5) When your kid goes to his first drop-off birthday party (okay, this is probably for all parents).


6) When you learn that a small, shelf-stable EpiPen alternative is in the works.


7) When you review your monthly bills and your grocery budget was more than your mortgage and property taxes combined.


8) When you make new friends that immediately find ways to include your allergic child in all activities.


Tiffany Self

Tiffany Self is a wife, mom to "Z", and a lover of words. In an ironic twist, she is an English class dropout who now writes for a living. Tiffany is a freelancer in the Chicago suburbs by way of Seattle and Southern Oregon. She writes about her journey of parenting a child with multiple severe food allergies, asthma, and environmental allergies. You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

5 Comments to The Food Allergy Parent’s Life According to Friends

  1. Keith

    The humor displayed here is great and connects in a refreshing positive way to all parents whether they have food allergy children or not. We can all identify with those emotions in one way or another has our children go through different phases of life. Thanks for beings so creative in displaying how parents react to news concerning their children no matter where they are in life. Great job, looking forward to seeing more posts like this.

  2. Trista

    My son doesn’t have food allergies, but I love this blog, because I think it prepares me for other kids. (I’m a children’s minister/husband is a youth pastor).

  3. Keith

    This is great. Sometimes we forget that humor communicates when nothing else will. Humor also allows people look at different situations and accept them without becoming defensive. Love this!

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