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Happy Friday from all your friends here at Scratch or Sniff!

On Thursday afternoons our writers have a quick internet discussion about some of the best things we’ve seen that week! The result? Friday Finds!


Friday Finds 5.22.15

Lucy’s Cookies – Our writer Tiffany has added these to her grocery list this week! We’re tempted to do the same. Gluten free, vegan/dairy free, nut free and allergen free, great for school lunches and purses because they are individually wrapped. Lucy’s cookies stand as proof that no one ever has to be denied a good cookie. Every crispy, crunchy Lucy’s cookie is baked without wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts. But you’d never know it. They taste delicious.

H&M Home – I know I am late to the game but… Did you know H&M has a home line?! And if you subscribe to their newsletter you get a 20% off code. (Ask me how I know. But don’t ask my hubby :)!)

Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP – Have you had this sweet and salty deliciousness? One of our favorite snacks at the moment! Our food writer, Kristen, said “My kids love popcorn but I’m not a fan of the micro stuff so we’ve been munching on it a lot!” (check out their allergen statement here)

A 17 Year Old Writes: “You Can Do It!” on Life With Food Allergies – Kayleigh Peters is a 17 year old who decided to share a few thoughts for parents of little ones with food allergies in a Facebook group.  Her post went viral in the food allergy community and was shared immediately.  It is honest, heartfelt and so true, and it shines a light on food allergies and what it teaches us.

Shop Amazon Sports & Outdoor Play – Get Ready for Summer Event – Amazon is having a killer sale on playgrounds, toys, kites bikes and tons more! Great time to get some of the items you’ve had hanging out in your cart for summer :)

Alayna Wetherhead

Alayna Wetherhead lives in Connecticut with her husband and son who totally thinks he's a superhero. She likes running, making cookies out of chick peas, is a Yankee fan by marriage, and gets a high out of seeing her grocery total after coupons. She also has an Instagram you can follow.

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