Getting Rid of Household Allergens

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There’s something about a fresh, clean house that literally puts me in a better mood. Makes me a happy wife and mama.

Getting Rid of Household Allergens: Clean room

Sadly, it rarely looks like this. Keeping the house spic and span hasn’t really been an attainable goal of mine since the kids came along. There are always (and I mean always) dishes in the sink as much as I try to stay caught up on them. And a good majority of the time, there are toys scattered from one end of the house to the other, clothes on bedroom floors and laundry piles waiting to be washed or folded. But one thing I try to do because of my husband’s asthma and our seasonal allergies is keep surfaces clean/wiped down. This can be quite a task itself since we have so many different kinds of surfaces to clean. We have laminate, wood, stainless, granite, glass, etc. and I always think that I need a different cleaner for each. Talk about frustrating when I just need to quickly wipe down a room.

Getting Rid of Household Allergens: Pledge multi surface

Pledge makes dusting quick and easy with their multi surface cleaner. I spray, wipe, move to the next surface to be cleaned and repeat! No switching cloths and cleaners. This piece of furniture in my living room has always been such a pain to clean because it’s wood and granite. Now I just wipe the whole thing down with Pledge and it looks great! I also use it to spot clean my laminate to get rid of doggie prints in between mopping.

Getting Rid of Household Allergens: pledge

There will still be toys scattered, dishes to be washed, and laundry to be done but at least my surfaces will be dust and allergen free. Did I mention this rain shower scent smells amazing? Getting rid of allergens and freshening the smell of my house at the same time, can’t beat that.

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