The Very Best Way to Combat Cold / Flu Season

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The older I get, the more faith I bestow on old wives’ tales. Those old wives get a bad rap, in my opinion. Sure, some of their tales border on the ridiculous, but I still can’t spill salt without throwing some over my left shoulder. And now that we’re approaching cold and flu season, I’m tying on a gingham apron and channeling them big time. My go-to cold cure includes chugging tons of honey/ ginger/ lemon tea and water at the first hint of a sniffle, lots of rest, and homemade chicken soup.

Global Handwashing Day

This penchant for home remedies is likely hereditary. My grandmother was famous for breaking out that heinous vapo-rub for almost any reason. For a cough, rub it on your feet and wear socks to bed. For a cold, slather it on your chest to breathe a little easier. I’ve been known to tell my boys that eating their carrots will give them superhero night vision (I mean, it might be a lie, but it’s not NOT a lie…?). The best way to actually be a superhero is to wear your Superman costume around the house, as one does.

What’s the number one best practice to protect your family’s health during cold/flu season? It’s simple, and it’s well-loved by grannies and doctors alike.

Wash. Your. Hands.

Simply washing your hands with soap and water kills most germs and virus causing bacteria. The rule at our house is that everyone has to wash their hands when they walk inside, especially after coming home from school or work. The CDC recommends sudsing your hands for 30 seconds before and after you prepare food, when caring for someone who is sick, after using the bathroom, coughing or sneezing, or touching garbage. An easy way for kids to do this is to sing “Happy Birthday” twice or another favorite short song.

Global Handwashing Day - SoapBox Soaps

Not only is hand washing good for removing germs, it can also help remove allergens. One of my sons is not allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, but the other one is. Washing his hands could help remove any traces of that PB&J he might have eaten at a friend’s house before coming home to play Legos with his brother.

Scratch or Sniff is partnering with SoapBox Soaps to support Global Handwashing Day on October 15!

For each bar sold in their new Whole Foods Market regions of Rocky Mountains, Southern Pacific, Northern California, Florida, and the Northeast, SoapBox Soaps will give a bar to a local food bank! They’re launching this new giving program with an initial 10,000 bar donation tomorrow. We love the SoapBox Soaps team (great people with a heart for humanitarian efforts) and are excited to work with them.

SoapBox Soaps: Global Handwashing Day
You can find SoapBox Soaps in stores or online (plus they’re super fun on social — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!). We’ll be posting plenty of hand washing photos over the next couple of days. You’re welcome to join us and use the hashtags #soapequalshope, #iwashmyhands and #globalhandwashingday.

There are lots of resources online as well, from songs to great infographics and learning tools to games for the kids to play. Here’s to clean hands and a healthy winter season!

Global Handwashing Day #IWashMyHands


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  1. We have just started with washing our hands as soon as we come inside rule. I don’t always remember but we are getting better at it. Great article!

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