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When the holiday season rolls around, the front door can seem like it has turned into a revolving one with people in and out constantly. It’s the spice of life, right? We wouldn’t have it any other way. Being prepared for the holidays with some must-haves helps us not only survive, but to thrive in this crazy time.

Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve found to help me make it through the holidays. I certainly can’t make it look as flawless as someone like, say, Martha Stewart, but some of these tips might help as we find ourselves in the thick of the season.

Stock up on allergy-friendly treats. For families with food allergies, stock up on your favorite allergy-friendly treats. For us, this includes making an egg-free nog to share with friends and family who are visiting. We really love this recipe and try to have a fresh batch in the fridge regularly – as my waistband will attest.

Be ready for a friend in need. If you have a small-ish home like ours, a full-time guest room isn’t an option. We love having a raised airbed on hand for that “just in case” moment when someone needs to crash unexpectedly.

Handling the Holidays Like a Pro: Viva paper towels

Stock up on your paper goods. No one wants to be caught short in this area. Grab some Viva® paper towels and store a stash where you can. It’s amazing how many spills can happen during the holidays with all those specialty drinks flowing and kids and pets roaming around. My favorite are the Choose-A-Size which also handily serve as napkins in case of *ahem* any other paper goods shortages – so basically for every meal at my house. Speaking of paper goods – save your visitors from an embarrassing “spare a square” moment. Make sure you’ve got an ample toilet paper supply in your bathrooms; we’re big fans of Cottonelle, but Scott 1100 will be sure to cover your needs in case you have a large crowd over the holidays.

Handling the Holidays Like a Pro: Cottonelle and Scott 1100

Decorate wisely. Instead of spending time to find a festive holiday cover for your Kleenex, pick up some of these Kleenex® Holiday Ovals and place around your house. I love dual-purpose items that are decorative and practical!

Handling the Holidays Like a Pro: Kleenex

Remember the freezer is your friend. Keep a few things handy in that freezer in case you are invited to a last-minute shindig. It’ll help to have the peace of mind knowing you can quickly grab something safe for your allergic loved one. And it takes the burden off of your host to prepare special safe treats – it’s a win for everyone involved!

Whatever your needs, run down to Walmart to get your holiday necessities; make sure you use the Ibotta app – it’s like free money! And in the blur of the holidays, most of all, stop to take a few pictures. These days go so quickly and memories fade. Take some pictures and maybe pick up a cute photo album at Walmart to store all of your memories. You will be so happy you recorded these moments!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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