A Healthy Start to the New Year

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If you take everyone on the Scratch or Sniff Team (currently six of us) and combine all our children, we’ve got eleven kids ranging in age from two to eight (if you want us to do the math, there are two “only kids” three sets of “twos” and one set of three). That’s a lot of cute, wonderful kids that probably aren’t thinking about cold & flu season at any given time. However, their parents sure are. A couple of ways we try to stay healthy in 2015. :)

Alayna: This is our first year in preschool and Levi has definitely been sick more this year than ever before! That being said, there are a few things we make sure we do to try and stay healthy. We make sure vitamins are taken daily, mostly a multi but sometimes I add elderberry for an extra immune boost. Lots of water with a glass or two of orange juice thrown in for a little extra vitamin C. And we have worked hard on his hand washing! Singing works as an excellent gauge to make sure that he doesn’t just stick his fingers in water and call it a day. (Don’t laugh. You know you have at least one kid who does the same!)

Happy Birthday or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are great reference points to make sure that they are soaping up and rinsing well. Ideally the CDC recommends that you go through the song twice, we aren’t quite there yet. But once through is better than it was. :) Levi is a HUGE fan of SoapBox Soaps black hand soap. The fact that it comes out black every time he washes his hands is a novelty that never gets old! “Mommy, its black and still makes my hands smell super awesome.” Yes, honey. Yes, it does. ;) We also had a good little talk about how SoapBox Soaps donates a bar of soap, fresh water or vitamins to a child in need every time their soap is purchased. “Oh! I’m glad they share their vitamins. That’s really nice of them. Should I share mine too?”

Heather: My husband and I never bothered getting flu shots until I was pregnant with our first child. Since then, we’ve gotten them every year without fail — except for our daughter, when she was allergic to egg (and an egg-free vaccine wasn’t available).

Other than that, we really focus on the importance of good hand-washing, and coughing/sneezing into elbows to avoid spreading germs. It’s funny to see the kids sneeze at my son’s preschool, because if one of them forgets to sneeze into their elbow, all of the other kids start shrieking “WE ONLY SHARE TOYS AT PRESCHOOL, NOT GERMS!”
A Healthy Start to the New Year
Tiffany: I’m not a fan of flu and cold season for obvious reasons. But, I am thankful that we have food allergies every time this season rolls around. Why? When you are used to washing your hands because you were out in public and you may have come in contact with a simple food that could cause a serious reaction, you tend to make hand washing a habit. A couple of other things that we do when we are starting to feel a bit cruddy include: cutting out excess sugar to help bolster our immune systems, doing a sinus rinse, and gargling with warm salt water.

Roo: Because some of us can’t get the flu shot (severe egg allergies in this house), we focus on boosting our immunity. That includes all of the girls taking a daily multivitamin, making sure we get plenty of sleep (I’ll never turn down a nap), and staying stocked up on tissues so no one’s tempted to do a sleeve wipe (grosssss). We keep hand soap pumps (my kids are also in awe of “black soap” like Levi in the video above) at every sink in the house, plus a step stool in the bathroom so even the smallest household member can wash her hands. In a pinch, we do a hand rubdown with baby wipes when we’re on the road.

Kate: With cold and flu season here again, we’re working on prevention at my house. As I’ve mentioned before, everyone is required to wash their hands as soon as they walk in the door. I also encourage my boys to wash their hands throughout the day at school and keep their hands away from their faces. While enjoying winter sports like skiing and sledding, we layer our gear appropriately so we’re warm enough but not overheated. We also make sure to hydrate with plenty of water, as well as soups and teas. When my older son caught a cold over the holidays, we made him a delicious hot drink of fresh ginger, local honey and lemon juice. If we do get sick, we try to stay home and rest so we don’t spread our germs further. Wishing you and your family a healthy 2015!

A Healthy Start to the New Year: SoapBox products

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