In Search of the Perfect Auto-Injector

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Those of us living in the world of anaphylaxis – no matter the trigger – regularly hope and pray for the invention of the perfect auto-injector. Truth be told, the perfect auto-injector is kind of like the Holy Grail for allergy moms.

It has to be small enough to fit in a pocket, but not so small that it gets lost in the bottom of my larger-than-necessary handbag.

We prefer a good size needle and easy delivery method preferred.

We would love for it to be smaller and easier to manage than the leading brand; something our teens wouldn’t mind carrying at all times.

Most of all, we want it to work. The whole point of lifesaving medication is that it is vital for the method of delivery to work. Anytime, any place.

Many of us, myself included, felt we had struck gold with the advent of Auvi-Q™ – the small, pocket-sized gem that with a gentle audio recording walked a person through injection from start to finish. We thought this was IT! The Holy Grail! That is, until a massive recall wiped all Auvi-Q™ off the shelves and ripped out of our hands at the end of 2015, with no return to market currently in sight.

On the heels of the recall of our favorite medical device – well, close enough – this week, Oval Medical Technologies made the news in the UK for its comparatively teeny-tiny device that the company would like to launch in 2019.

In Search of the Perfect Auto-Injector: Oval                   Photo source: Business Weekly

I have no doubt that there is need for a smaller, easier to use auto-injector (are you listening, Mylan?). The struggle to get our allergic kids to buy into carrying around something the size of a large carrot (times two, if they carry a double pack as recommended) each time they leave the house is real. It’s so real.

The good news is that companies like Oval Medical Technologies, Windgap Medical, Sanofi, and creative individuals like the inventor of the EpiBracelet are all working hard to fulfill our hopes and dreams of owning a sleek, functional auto-injector.

The question, though, is this: Will we be willing to risk another huge misstep like the one we just experienced with Auvi-Q™? I was, at one point, like the street evangelist for the Auvi. I would happily share and show the greatness of our auto-injector to any and all who would listen, including complete strangers. Now, I’m not so sure I’ll be quite as bold. Yes, I’d love to ditch the carrot. But, I also feel a great need to know that no matter the shape, size, color, rank or brand, the auto-injector will work if we find ourselves in need.

What do you think? Will the Auvi-Q™ recall make you hesitant to embrace new auto-injector technology? Or are you just counting down the days until you can find a sleeker model?

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