Kicking the Juice Habit (and the Diet Coke Habit) with Seltzer

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Since we’ve got a little girl with a milk allergy in this house, we’re a bit limited on typical “treat” drinks. We can make substitutes at home, but there’s no swinging by an ice cream shop for milkshakes or ordering hot chocolate with marshmallows on top.

In the summer, we make tons of smoothies, but in the cold months (in New England, that’s like … November to April), we make cider, hot chocolate with rice milk, and mulled wine (well, that last one’s for the grown-ups). We’re also big seltzer drinkers. It’s way healthier than soda, doesn’t have the kind of sugar juice does, but still feels special.

Kicking the Juice Habit (and the Diet Coke Habit) with Seltzer

And on an adult-y note, I used to have a serious Diet Coke habit, and as any Diet Coke fanatic will tell you, it is a habit that is brutal to kick. The shiny logo still makes me feel feelings. The only way I could really kick it was to come up with some solid alternatives. Tea in the morning for the caffeine, and seltzer throughout the day as a carbonated substitute. And a motivational sign in my office. ????

Kicking the Diet Coke Habit with SeltzerWe’ve partnered up with Vintage Seltzer who is sharing a digital coupon with Scratch or Sniff readers. Vintage Seltzer is made with no artificial flavors, no added colors or dyes, and is completely sugar-free. A great option for kids and reformed Diet Coke lovers alike.

Getting the coupon is easy. I saved mine to my phone and headed to the soda aisle of my local grocery store. We usually buy bottles and pour into glasses, but the girls also like the novelty of sticking a straw in a soda can.

Kicking the Juice Habit (and the Diet Coke Habit) with Seltzer - Remmy

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