A Must-Have New App to Help Parents Stay Organized

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There’s no denying that being a parent of a child with a health issue can be stressful. Last week I wrote “When an Anaphylactic Reaction Happens” and there was a lot of great feedback. The day after the anaphylactic reaction, while my totally-fine daughter played with her sisters as usual, I wanted nothing more than to lie down on my couch and stare at the ceiling for several hours or decompress with an abundance of carbs. It’s called comfort food for a reason, I declare, trying not to stare too lovingly at the people behind the counter at my local bakery. Bless whoever invented croissants. :)

There’s also the matter of keeping track of everything. We’ve cleared out two shelves in the kitchen cupboards. Shelves that, by my Type-A standards, should have mugs and saucers and bowls lined up, but instead have daily medications close by. (My husband argued that it’s way more convenient to dose out morning and evening meds right in the kitchen at breakfast and dinner time, regardless of whether it’s “neater” to have meds lined up in the hallway closet. I acquiesced, finally.)

Girls: Parenting App post

He and I have it down pat. We know who gets what, and how much, and when. But should a relative or a caretaker replace us for an evening, we’re greeted with a deer-in-the-headlights look as we verbally explain that “the two older girls need a spray of Nasonex in each nostril, but not the youngest girl. And the middle girl needs maintenance meds for asthma, but not rescue meds. Oh, here’s the Claritin; nope, we’ve moved to Zyrtec. PS, here’s our stash of Epi-pens and Benadryl tabs, and daily vitamins, but don’t worry, we give them to the girls in the morning.”

I know, my brain hurts, too.

Enter KidsLink (it’s invite only, but we’ve got your invite code below), a beautiful way to securely track and share information about your kiddos. It’s as if someone dropped Facebook and Instagram and Dropbox in a blender and then poured the contents of that blender through a sieve that removed questionable content and that mom from Girl Scouts who is always making passive aggressive comments on your status updates.

KidsLink parenting app: Welcome

The “Vault” feature is an A+ 100% winner for us. You can store health documents, household papers, IDs and vital records, insurance cards, school docs (504 Plan, anyone?), activities, and more. I added my children (I’ve got three small humans) and now I have the option to add immunization records and allergies.

Babysitter’s here? Cool, let me open KidsLink and with a click, I’ve sent a PDF of the girls’ allergies, med line-up, and every emergency number right to her smartphone. We high five, my husband and I go out to dinner, and then I pay her beaucoup bucks for feeding my kids, tucking them in, and then Snapchatting her boyfriend in Indiana for two hours. It’s amazing.

First grade teacher out sick and there’s a sub instead? NBD, I open the KidsLink app and shoot a copy of my first grader’s 504 plan right to her email.

Appointment with a pediatrician and I need to know my middle daughter’s meds and dosage? Boop boop beep, and lookit.

KidsLink parenting app: Vault

Any tool that makes managing my children’s health easier is a win in my book, and I’m totally impressed with the people at KidsLink and the features they’ve created that make parenting less stressful. The app is *brand* new (and currently iOS only; no worries, Android users, your day awaits) and invite-only, but KidsLink would love for you to try it out now. Use the code SNIFF to download this clever parenting app.

And it’s free!!

Plus, the cool people at KidsLink know that parenting can be stressful, and they’d like to give away a $100 SpaFinder gift card. (If you’re one of those “I’m not a spa person” people, no worries, you can opt for a $100 Amazon gift card instead and buy yourself some snacks and books and movies for a relaxing night in.)

All you have to do is download the app and comment below when you’ve done it to enter. Contest ends at October 31st at 11:59 EST! Good luck!

And happy apping! :)

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by KidsLink. 

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  1. Jen

    Downloaded :-)

  2. DArielle

    Downloaded :) yay thank you

    • Danielle

      Okay I typed my name wrong. Lol. Danielle :)

  3. Emily

    Done and done! This will be great!

  4. Kristen S.


    I LOVE this idea! My son has a list of doctors/specialists, diagnoses, medications and hospitalizations that are currently in a “Note” on my iPhone. It would be great to put that information together in a nicer format and be able to share it with my husband, family or other caregiver when necessary.

  5. Sarah F.

    Awesome app, I just downloaded it!

  6. I know I can’t enter the contest, but this app looks amazing! It will save me a lot of unnecessary printing whenever we have a babysitter. Going to download it now!

  7. Katie Nelson

    downloaded it. This will help me so much!

  8. Steve Lewis

    Just downloaded. Thanks for the info!!!

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    Downloaded! :)

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    Downloaded it! I’m excited to use it!

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    Downloaded. Can’t wait to try it.

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    Did it! This is great!

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    Downloaded :-) Now maybe I’ll actually feel more comfortable with a non-family babysitter, maybe. Thanks Roo!

  14. Tiffany

    Done and done! Can’t wait to use it!

  15. Kristen

    Downloaded & can’t wait to use it!

  16. Kirby

    This is awesome. Downloaded and adding info. As a mom of two there’s a lot to remember!!!!

  17. Veronica Adams

    Just downloaded the app! Looking forward to adding lots of info (have 1 daughter with asthma and another with severe food allergies, so I’m sure this will really come in handy!). Thanks for posting!

  18. Candice Kantot

    done! This looks really helpful!

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    Downloaded :)

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  23. Abi Delfino

    Thanks for the invite. It’s downloaded and now all I have to do is adapt to change. Looks really cool.

  24. Melissa K

    Downloaded! It’s awesome, thank you!

  25. Zoe

    Downloaded, excited to give it a try :)

  26. Courtney

    Downloaded! Looks cool!

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    Looks great!! Looking forward to the Android version!

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    downloaded! Thanks for sharing this!

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    Downloaded – thanks!

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    Downloaded! Great app!!!

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    downloaded:) what a great idea!

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