Another Day, Another Dig at People With Food Allergies

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Viral content creator Happy Place has released The Most Comprehensively Honest Wedding RSVP in the History of Marriage and apparently no joke is complete without a little dig at the food allergy community. It’s a wedding RSVP card that covers “every horrible wedding guest that could possibly be invited.”

Click here to see the entire card, but be ye warned that the language is NSFW.

As you scroll past quips like “will say I plan to attend, then I won’t show without any explanation, even though you already had to pay for me in the advance headcount,” you finally get to the Meals section. Here’s a section of it:

Another Day, Another Dig at People With Food Allergies: making fun of food allergies

Oh. Okay.

Listen, undoubtedly someone’s going to tell me to “lighten up” and that it’s “just a joke.” Got that. The humor is not lost on me. But where is the a line of demarcation drawn when poking fun at people with a disability (and rest assured, severe food allergies are now considered a disability by the ADA)? No digs at people in wheelchairs (ugh, we have to make sure there’s a ramp available, #killmenow) or at people with seizure disorders (guess we’re getting rid of the strobe light for alllll the special snowflakes).

If that sentence seems heavy-handed, it’s because it IS. Because making obnoxious comments about people who don’t have a choice about how their bodies act or react is wrong.

As an aside, I’m in a wedding this weekend, and all three of my children (two of them with extensive food allergies) are flower girls in the wedding as well. We don’t expect people to accommodate their allergies — in fact, last year, we even packed dinner in lunch boxes for one wedding — but we definitely appreciate it when they do.

Another Day, Another Dig at People With Food Allergies

We packed lunch boxes for this particular wedding, but they handed out bubbles, and nothing’s better than bubbles at the end of a ceremony.

The bride called the caterer and said there were two children with food allergies attending the wedding, could they ‘just have some chicken breast with steamed broccoli or french fries, no dairy on it, please?’ along with the list of their allergies. I don’t expect that kind of consideration, but I certainly appreciate it.

And I’m not harboring any anger towards the folks at Happy Place (there’s a pun in there somewhere). Their intention was to create a funny piece of viral content. I still think that this epidemic of food allergies feels relatively new to society, and the hope is that we can all learn as we go.

But for real, if you guys need a knock-knock joke or two, tweet me. I’m your girl.


Roo Ciambriello

If Scratch or Sniff founder/editor Roo Ciambriello could list all of her favorite things, they'd include her sweet little family, food trucks, and every AMA Snoop Dogg has done on Reddit. Roo is a copywriter out of New Haven, Connecticut, and loves writing fun stories on the backs of potato chip bags and cereal boxes in Whole Foods, Target, Nordstrom, Kroger, y mucho mas. Roo creates voices for brands, ghostwrites for celebrities, writes a personal website, and is (much to the chagrin of those around her) pretty active on Twitter. You can also find her providing commentary on advertising/branding at Adweek and eating fajitas on deadline days.

3 Comments to Another Day, Another Dig at People With Food Allergies

  1. Ashley P

    I am a special snowflake with epilepsy. My 8 1/2 month old baby has dairy and soy allergies, and I think wheat, too. I also have new food allergies myself that complicate my diseases (hello, stupid thyroid). My feelings don’t get hurt over it, but the digs at kids with allergies really frustrate me. I cannot imagine how it would make my daughter feel to be made fun of for things that she can’t help.. In fact, it makes me quite angry. I appreciate you drawing attention to it, and for creating this blog that I never thought that I would actually need other than for the eczema that my middle daughter has.

  2. A few years ago Dan and I went to a wedding where one of the wedding guests began choking on an appetizer during cocktail hour. It was terrifying. I’ve never seen someone, like, LEGITIMATELY choking before, where they can’t breathe, their face is red, and they are flailing and pleading wordlessly for help. I was mega pregnant with Dax at the time and froze but thankfully another guest ran out of nowhere to perform the Heimlich and save this guy’s life. It was horrifying. And I just imagine what it would be like for a wedding guest to essentially go through something like that if exposed to a food they were severely allergic to.

    Man what a hilarious joke. So funny, right? Super funny. Like, I can’t stop laughing.


  3. Sandy

    I completely sympathize here. My son is a type 1 diabetic so the jokes about diabetes grate on my nerves. We don’t make jokes about cancer; wouldn’t dare. So why do people think it’s okay to poke fun at these other
    diseases/ailments/disorders? I have a sense of humor and I appreciate a good joke (clean or dirty) but some things should be off limits.

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