Move Over EpiPen, Something Wearable is Coming Your Way

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If you could toss the EpiPen® or Auvi-Q™ in favor of something wearable, would you?

Think about it: no more searches for just the right bag or carrying case for either auto-injector. No more concern about leaving it behind and being without the lifesaving medication. Because it would be on you at all times.


Think of the possibilities.

You with food allergies!
You with venom allergies!
You who have the hardest diagnosis of all with idiopathic anaphylaxis!
You with severe asthma attacks!

You would be free to walk around wearing your lifesaving medication without looking like you’re wearing an early 90’s fashion statement.

So, what do you think?

Would you ditch your fanny pack full of all that is tried and true for the new, shiny toy on the block?

Move Over EpiPen, Something Wearable is Coming Your Way: EpiBracelet sketch

Photo credit: Disrupted Physician

I’m on the fence. I love the idea, but…will it work? How much will it cost?

Looking through the product patent information, it’s easy to see that this is something that could easily be in demand from families like ours. It addresses real needs, as if the inventor may himself have needed to use an EpiPen® a time or two.

The closer we get to middle school, the more I think a solution like this – if proven – will make our lives a lot easier. We’ve worked hard to help Zachary remember his Auvi-Q™ wherever he goes. The fact remains that we’re all human, and it’s a lot easier to remember something if you’re wearing it.

Read more about the EpiBracelet here. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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