A Sweet Addition to Your Kiddo’s Lunch

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I love the adorable photos of really creative school lunches. I love the idea of them, but I also do not have the time or the unction to make those flowers out of lunchmeat. All I can think of is how it won’t look anything like it’s supposed to by lunch time (and, um, how Hayden often swings his lunchbox up and down in glee. He really, really likes school). :) I do, however, love the idea of a compartmentalized lunch. I love being able to give Hayden foods from different groups, and something about the aesthetic of having it all laid out for him really appeals to him.

Naturally Sweet Lunch Addition

I want him to have a healthy lunch, so I often forgo packaged sweet treats (I used to get Twinkies in my lunch. Twinkies!), and instead pack naturally sweet foods like fruits. California Raisins make a great sweet addition to lunch without artificial ingredients and kids love them. Bonus? They are naturally top 8 allergen free. ;) I carry the convenient single-serving boxes in my bag for when the kids needs a quick snack.

California Raisins: Naturally Sweet

For a bento box, I use the Eco Meal Kit box; it’s collapsible, not too shallow, and can accommodate lots of foods. I also love the condiment compartment in the lid, Hayden loves “dip-it” so this feature was a huge plus for me!

Naturally Sweet Lunch Options

Here are a couple other easy lunch ideas for including raisins in your kiddos lunch!



California Raisins are my go to when I need a sweet-but-also-healthy addition to your kid’s lunch, an on-the-go snack to thwart shopping meltdowns, or as a yummy and naturally sweet topping for my morning granola, yogurt, and oatmeal.

(I still kind of want someone to make me a sandwich that looks like a penguin, though.) :)


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