New Food Allergy Studies Funded

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Food allergy families were happy to hear that End Allergies Together (E.A.T.) just funded three new studies on biomarkers, microbiome, and oral immunotherapy. Three cheers for three important steps in the search for a food allergy cure!

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Let’s start with the first studyMolecular Gene Expression During Allergic Reactions to Food: Identifying Signatures Which Correlate with Severity of Reaction. Since we’re not yet able to identify the people who are at risk for severe, life-threatening reactions, the goal of this study is to identify molecular signatures that correlate with patterns of symptoms so we can predict who is at risk for a severe reaction. 

For the second studyCharacterization of Prebiotic Dietary Fibers to Prevent or Treat Food Allergywill attempt to prevent or treat food allergies by identifying which dietary fibers (and their metabolites) regulate a person’s intestinal epithelial barrier.

Finally, the third study: Improving Safety for the Food Allergy-Asthma Syndrome. Researchers will delve deeper into oral immunotherapy (OIT).  It’s come a long way but there are still so many questions. In order to make it more widely available, we need to know who is at risk for more severe reactions during OIT and how to make it a safer process. The results will hopefully improve our understanding of the connection between asthma and a food allergy.

Big shout-out to E.A.T. for funding three promising studies, and we’ll be eager to hear when the results are ready.

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