P&G Updates Its Formulas, and They’re Looking Allergy-Friendly

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In 2014, we posted our findings that P&G brands were including peanut oil, almond oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, and other allergens in its fragrance formula. While we realize that according to food labeling laws, refined oils are not considered an allergen, we also know that many (including some of our staff writers) prefer to avoid the oils completely.

Despite our requests for comments and clarification, we have received no contact from P&G. However — GREAT news for allergy families! — it looks (based on the website) as though P&G has updated its formulas and have omitted the aforementioned allergens from the line-up.

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Because we’ve been unsuccessful in speaking with a P&G rep directly, we urge you to make the necessary consumer calls to gather the information you need to feel comfortable using any product. This goes for any non-food product, as labeling laws do not require the same guidelines that food products do.

(Editing to add: from P&G’s website re: Febreze.)

As an editorial note, because P&G has updated its websites to reflect the ingredient change, we have seen concern that perhaps we were making unfounded claims. We have updated our original post to include screen grabs and the PDF from 2014 that lists the allergens.

The allergy community is one that the Scratch or Sniff team is fully part of, and we would never hit “publish” on an article unless we had done our due diligence. We’re grateful for all of you and glad that if we have to traverse this allergy land, we’re doing it with a fantastic group of people.

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This post has been a collaborative effort from the Scratch or Sniff team. Contributors include Heather Laura Clarke, Tiffany Self, Alayna Wetherhead, and Roo Ciambriello.

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