Preschool Prep: New Backpacks, Fruit Snacks and Few Tears

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Preschool. He’s four and I’m talking about part-time preschool. We missed the first few weeks of school because of moving. So we started school almost two months late.

Cue chest pain.

Funny story. I always swore I wouldn’t be “that mom”. By “that mom” I mean the mom that completely over-thinks, over-plans and over-prepares for her child to be out of the house for only a few hours a day, a few days a week. But here we are! I am that mom. Parenting does some really funny things. In my defense, I have one of the most particular, change-resistant children on the face of the earth. If he had his way, his routine would consist of the same things happening at the same time with the same people every single day. Levi needs to know hours, if not days, ahead of time if we are going out to dinner without him, and has to make sure we will be home and sleeping in our bed when he wakes up. Two summers in a row we had an almost daily discussion about having to wear broken pants. (Most people call them shorts.) New foods? Ha, that’s hilarious.

Preschool Prep: New Backpack

Part of our preschool prep included a new, special, just for school backpack! (With adorable matching lunchpack of course.) Apple Park has the absolute sweetest line of backpacks. Not only are the styles bright and fun, they are a great size for little guys to pack a few small things in and carry on their own! We own a few backpacks but the size isn’t really ideal for an almost 4 year old. He tends to over pack and then mommy ends up carrying the bag. Kind of defeats the purpose, wouldn’t you agree? The little penguin backpack is a favorite in our house. Levi loves that the penguin has “the thing daddy wears to special works or marriages”, aka a tie. Mommy loves that the backpack and lunchpack combined are made out of approximately 31 plastic bottles saved from a landfill! I know. Crunchy mama moment. The recycled material makes me feel better as I zip it around the fruit snacks he requests on a daily basis. Don’t judge me please, I try to buy the healthier ones.

Preschool Prep: Backpack and lunchpack

Preschool Prep: New LunchpackOne of our favorite allergy-friendly packed snacks: Homemade hummus (no sesame), pop chips and fruit.

These little packed snacks do not include his all time favorite lunch food, peanut butter. On a sandwich, with carrots or apples, on crackers, it is a food he literally consumes daily (routine alert!). Levi does not have any allergies. But we have made an effort to explain to him (using some great resources) why some of his friends in school can’t eat one of his favorite foods. (Especially Brianna, who has peanut and tree nut allergies.) And it seems, as long as I include his fruit snacks, a water bottle, and his favorite action figure of the day, he doesn’t even miss the peanut butter.

Preschool Prep: Packed lunch

Preschool Prep: Backpack and superhero

Also included in his perfect little school bag? A note using a few of his sight words. “Mom loves Levi.” “Have a good day!” “Dad loves you.”

Preschool Prep: Thumbs up lunch

And I didn’t even cry dropping him off the first day! Well. Not a FULL cry any way. I may have gotten a little choked up. With one, maybe two tears. That’s normal right?!

Preschool Prep: A few tears

Apple Park is the best and gave us a code for 20% off until 11/13/14. Go to and use SOS20 at check out!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Apple Park. All opinions are our own.

Alayna Wetherhead

Alayna Wetherhead lives in Connecticut with her husband and son who totally thinks he's a superhero. She likes running, making cookies out of chick peas, is a Yankee fan by marriage, and gets a high out of seeing her grocery total after coupons. She also has an Instagram you can follow.

3 Comments to Preschool Prep: New Backpacks, Fruit Snacks and Few Tears

  1. That backpack and lunchbag are SO ADORABLE! My son insisted on a Dora the Explorer one when he started preschool, and it’s totally garish. I will have to order him a set of these cute ones to replace dumb Dora, haha.

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      Thanks Heather! Levi LOVES them! Good luck with the Dora backpack! :D

  2. Tiffany

    Love this, Alayna! Super sad I didn’t know about this when my guy was little. I would’ve snatched these up in a heartbeat. In the meantime, I’m making a list of all the kiddos I know and upcoming birthdays :-).

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