Quick + Dirty List of Cleaning Products

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All right friends! Bear with us. This is kind of a “first draft” of the cleaning products that are peanut and tree nut free! Since our post earlier this week referencing peanut oil in so many products, we have all been on the hunt for replacements. Our team made many phone calls searching for nut free cleaning products and these are just a few of our findings. We have spoken to Seventh Generation and Method, both companies were very helpful. We’ll be posting more as we reach out to brands that create cleaning supplies for family and home. (I don’t know about you, but our floors need some serious attention.)

Quick + Dirty List of Nut Free Cleaning Products

Serious, serious disclaimer: As all of us in the allergy community know, this information could change at any time. To be sure you have the most updated information, call the manufacturer with any questions you might have. The information we are sharing with you is the best information we have, but we are not doctors or chemists and we certainly acknowledge room for human error while in conversation with these brands. These are suggested products we’ve found during preliminary research. We have not reviewed any of these products so we cannot endorse them. We’re simply collating a list.

Many of our readers have shared or asked about the presence of milk and other allergens in cleaning products, so please note that the focus of our recent posts was solely on the presences of oils derived from peanuts and tree nuts. Many of these products do still contain coconut. We are continuing to search for products that do not have ANY allergens, including coconut in any form.

And as a disclosure, we’ve used affiliate links in this post. If you click on them and use Amazon to buy any of these products, Scratch or Sniff gets a kickback and that helps us continue to be a resource for the allergy/asthma/eczema community. (So thank you for your support!)


Quick and Dirty List of Nut Free Cleaning Products

white vinegar – An all-around favorite among Scratch or Sniff writers is WHITE VINEGAR! Floors, counters, bathrooms, tile, refrigerator, you name it, it can all be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and water. We buy gallons at a time. Use a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water for a quick all purpose or floor cleaning solution. This is a go-to and definitely a perfect cleaning option.

all-purpose cleaner – Kitchen counters, bathroom sink, spot on the floor, the table after dinner… The list goes on! Seventh Generation comes through again with an all-purpose cleaner safe for everyone in your family.

floor mop – A good, old-fashioned, hands and knees floor cleaning is fantastic. But. Convenience is sometimes king and the O’Cedar spray mop is the better option. You can use your own solution and the pads are washable and reusable.

dish soap – This was a huge frustration. Having used Dawn for the longest time, we immediately began a hunt for a safer option! Seventh Generation to the rescue!

laundry detergentMethod and Seventh Generation both offer free and clear products. They have told us that these products have no fragrances or dyes and NO peanut or tree nut oils!

dishwasher detergent – Another free and clear option from Method, per a conversation with a Method representative.

hand wash soap – Free and clear per a Method representative.

UPDATE: Seventh Generation has only a few products that are NOT safe for tree nut/peanut allergies. Otherwise, their other scented products are also free of almond oils, peanut oils etc.

The products to steer clear of are:
Containing sweet almond oil-
4X Baby Laundry Detergent (scented)
4X Laundry Detergent Geranium Blossoms & Vanilla
Containing shea butter-
Peppermint Baby Lotion
Chamomile  Body Lotion
Lavender  Body Lotion
Mandarin Body Lotion

Members of the allergy community seriously rock. Many of our readers shared what they learned from making calls to manufacturers, so we curated some of the information from you to share in one easy guide of some safe supplies. Thank you for sharing!
“Just called Colgate/Palmolive…absolutely NO nut extracts or derivatives in their dish soap.” Kimberly K.
“I called All, I only checked the Free and Clear. They willingly told me all 8 ingredients in their detergent. No peanut oil, there is coconut oil for those that have issues with coconut.”

Grab Green via phone stated they do not use peanuts or tree nuts including oils or derivatives of peanut/tree nuts in any of their products. They have a whole line of cleaning products including dishwasher detergent, laundry and dish soap.” Gina C.

“Biokleen stated that their ‘products contain surfactants from palm oil. We recommend checking with your doctor to see if this is safe for your allergies.'” Gina C.

We’d love to hear more from you and find out what works for your family, and we’ll be sharing some of our favorite homemade recipes. We’re continuing to reach out to brands, and hope to be back with a more comprehensive list soon.

Again, please check ingredients before using them and reach out to your allergist should you have any questions. We’re not doctors or chemists. We’re just your friends on the internet.

Alayna Wetherhead

Alayna Wetherhead lives in Connecticut with her husband and son who totally thinks he's a superhero. She likes running, making cookies out of chick peas, is a Yankee fan by marriage, and gets a high out of seeing her grocery total after coupons. She also has an Instagram you can follow.

23 Comments to Quick + Dirty List of Cleaning Products

  1. Julie

    I contacted the company to confirm and I am awaiting a response. I wanted to share that we started using Nellies laundry soda two years ago and it is wonderful. I always had skin problems with other laundry products but this one I am good and so are my kids. I have one daughter with a severe nut allergy. this is the product website http://nelliesallnatural.com
    Thank you for posting about the peanut oil. I only recently (three months) purchased Mr. Clean again. I had not used it in the last 6 years since I had kids. I will not use it any more now that I know it may contain peanut oil. Back to the vinegar, lemon and course salt I guess:)

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      Thanks for the information Julie! I used Nellie’s 3 years ago on my son’s cloth diapers but had forgotten all about it! I will look at the ingredients as well. And good luck with the vinegar, lemon and salt! We find that it really does do the trick! Maybe just with a little more elbow grease then other cleaners. :)

  2. Moly

    We have a steam mop and really like it – it only uses water so no need to worry about cleansers which is pretty awesome if you have little ones crawling!

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      Moly, I have been coveting a friend’s steam mop for years. Is it easy to use? Maybe now I can convince my husband that purchasing one is a good idea :)

  3. Elly w

    I contacted better life cleaning products. besides being true all natural products, it also is proven better at cleaning that mass market cleaners and – they are Nut-free!! One of the founders children has a nut allergy.

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      Thanks Elly! We will look into Better Life as well! :)

  4. Meg

    Method uses almond oil in it’s wood polish. It was on the label at the store so I put it back. Just a heads up

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      Thank you Meg! The lady I spoke with at Method did confirm almond oil in their wood cleaning products. I at least appreciate their honesty and labeling! Don’t you?

  5. Naa Marteki Reed

    I thought that shea butter was okay for the nut allergic, because it comes from the fruit instead of the nut?

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      We have a post about shea butter coming up shortly! Heather did a bunch of research and will fill us all in with her findings. :)

  6. Jennifer Coe

    Can you look into Mrs. Myers and Green Works too?

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      I did speak with Mrs. Meyers Jennifer. They said that there are many oils (almond included) in all of their fragrances. Green Works I have not checked on yet! Definitely something to look into!

  7. Sara Burie

    I changed over to all melaleuca.com products. My son is allergic to tree nuts and has asthma/allergies. Since then he’s gotten off his nasal spray and daily inhaler. Email me if you’d like more information! [email protected]
    I love all their products from shampoo to laundry soap to toothpaste. So do my kids!

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      I forgot all about Melaleuca! Thank you Sara. A good friend of mine has been using them for years and gifts me one of their candles every year at Christmas :)

  8. Kate

    Thanks for the comprehensive list, I actually need to get some new cleaning products so this is very timely!

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      You’re welcome Kate! I think I saw a few people mention that Target was having a deal on some of the Seventh Generation products :)

  9. Liz Hallsworth

    Branch Basics http://www.branchbasics.com/ is a great cleaning product and the only one you’ll need. You can do everything with it. It can even be used on your body. It is derived from coconut oil, though. But, if that’s not a concern, it’s the best product around.

  10. Veronica Wingo

    Update on the above comment regarding Colgate/Palmolive:

    Palmolive GREEN liquid soap DOES contain peanut products. My son has ana PN allergy. He reacted immediately after washing his hands. I called Colgate/Palmolive and the lady had, “no idea regarding the ingredients.” I did a quick search on my phone for Green Palmolive Peanut, several posts confirmed green colored Palmolive liquid soap DOES contain peanut products.

    • Alayna Wetherhead

      Thanks for the update Veronica! Frightening that the rep didn’t have any idea about the ingredients.

  11. My daughter has three severe allergies, one of them being peanuts. We have found a company that we LOVE – Poofy Organics! Since the company is certified USDA organic, they are required to list all ingredients on the label. Beyond that, I personally KNOW the owner of the company (who also formulates the products.) This is a small (but growing quickly) family owned company based out of NJ. We especially love the Dishwashing Soap – it works so well and is an excellent alternative to Dawn or Palmolive. Please check out my website. Poofy Organics has truly been a life-saver for our family! http://poofyorganics.com/valerieveen

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