Road Tripping with Food Allergies (part two)

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How was everyone’s winter break? Kate has a couple follow-up thoughts for the next time you’re on the road.

Road Tripping with Food Allergies Part two: Road Trip Checklist

In addition to a standard first aid kit (which likely includes band aids, neosporin, and alcohol swabs), I like to pack a custom health kit for my family. I pull together medicine I think we might need such as children’s Benadryl and Motrin, chest rub (my younger son is prone to coughs) and a good medicated lip balm. I also included allergy medicine for myself just in case. The other item I forgot and had to pick up at CVS once I arrived was adult ibuprofen. After a long drive, ibuprofen really helps loosen tight muscles. Because one or both of my children inevitably gets sick on a road trip, Children’s Claritin is a good addition to my kit. A children’s thermometer can help us tell if it’s something that might require a visit to the local urgent care center or it’s just a cold. And when the kids get sick, we get sick too, so a few packets of Emergen-C or Airborne can’t hurt.

Because my older son has eczema and tends toward dry, irritated skin, I’ll bring some preventative measures to keep him comfortable. I like to bring sample sizes of the shampoo and body wash we use at home- this way I’m not introducing his skin to something new and potentially irritating. Sometimes I find the water conditions to be different from our own when we travel so lotions and creams are a must. This year, although we’ve tried a few of the different oil options, his skin has responded very positively to Gold Bond Medicated lotion. We apply it all over his arms and legs right after a shower and it has helped tremendously. If you plan to spend time outside on your trip, especially in the wintertime, I also suggest bringing lip balms for every member of the family.

Here’s our checklist for road-tripping! Check out the previous post about our road-trip plans for more food ideas and entertainment options :)

road trip checklist

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