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Levi starts kindergarten in a month (cue mom sobbing!). This summer, we’ve been prepping him for kindergarten by focusing on fun and looking for learning opportunities in the day-to-day. Levi is definitely more of a math kid, which he did not get from me. We got in line at the deli the other day and snagged a number.

“Alright bud! We are number 13!”

“Oh good, Mom, it’s at 9 so we only have 4 to go!”

Great, my four year old can do faster math than I can. Not looking good for helping with high school homework, friends. ;)

Another “learning” activity is our daily reading time! Several books at bedtime is an absolute must in our house, as well as bi-weekly trips to the library. (Though in the summer we’ve learned to reserve our favorites, like Berenstain Bears, simply because so many people are taking books out!)

Levi’s letter recognition is on point, and in preschool this past year he definitely got the hang of all his sounds. One of my summer goals was expanding his list of words, and we’ve been doing that at snacktime, with the help of Bitsy’s Brainfood Smart Cookies!

Summer Learning: Smart Cookies

Crack open a bag, find a pile of letters and go! Starting with recognition, move on to sounds, then spell as many words as possible! Because they are made in a nut-free facility, I feel great about pulling them out wherever we are and not having to worry about nut allergies at the park, library or beach. Levi’s favorite is chocolate orange, but he also really loves the gingerbread cookies.

Summer Learning: spelling

Bitsy’s does a great job of not only making an absolutely delicious cookie (someone has to take care of the broken bits that he can’t spell with!), but also packing it with veggies, omega 3s and a ton of other vitamins and supplements! We will definitely be packing these in school lunches (peanut-free kindergarten classroom!) and they are a good option to keep in mind when bringing snacks to the next summer BBQ. ;)

Summer Learning: Levi on the beach

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