We Don't Wait for the Ice Cream Truck

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Some of my fondest summer memories occurred while sitting on my front step enjoying a Popsicle with my brother on a hot afternoon. Our mother would give us each a sweet treat wrapped in paper and shoo us outside so we didn’t drip all over the kitchen.summer memories

There we’d sit, quietly watching the neighborhood roll by while licking our Popsicles or Fudgcicles (my favorite). I think this was probably when I started enjoying people watching.

Other times, we’d grab our quarters and run for the ice cream truck, which would frequently park about two blocks away up a steep hill. I always had the panicked feeling wondering if we’d miss it.

Now that I’m a mom myself, I prefer not to wait for the ice cream truck to drive through my neighborhood. You might remember my post from a few weeks ago, where I discussed the dreaded ice cream truck visits at my son’s camp. (He had snagged a soft serve ice cream cone, which was definitely not a sanctioned treat, and I immediately went into panic mode.)

So, I prefer to purchase my treats in advance, allowing myself time to read the ingredient list and the ability to give my sons a treat when they’ll really enjoy it. No peanuts? Tree nuts? Perfect! They get the treats they want, and I have the peace of mind that I absolutely need.

Last weekend on our way home from the beach, I stopped to pick up a box of Popsicles. Unilever ice cream brands (Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, Frutare, and Popsicle) are available at Walgreens, which is conveniently located on my way home. I was able to make a quick stop without having to wait for the ice cream truck or brave Saturday afternoon cart traffic at the supermarket.

Don't Wait for the Truck

The boys loved choosing their favorite flavor and sitting on the front step while they ate them. My older son enjoyed reading us the joke on his stick, “What’s a mom’s favorite dance?”

I answered, “the cleanup dance,” like a true party pooper.

“The mom-ba!!” he gleefully replied. Laughs all around.

Our neighbor called across his yard to ask how we’d enjoyed our camping trip the previous week. We had a nice chat while our children discussed the merits of their various teacher assignments. It was one of those perfectly lazy moments that every summer needs.

As we prepare to make our way back to school, work and the everyday grind, I’ll remember the slower pace of these special summer memories. What were your favorite moments this summer?

(Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Global Influence.)


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  1. Roo Ciambriello

    I’m totally into the clean-up dance, too, Kate. :)


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