Taking Temperatures is Much Easier Now

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My kids are strange little people sometimes.

They’ll be total daredevils on the playground, poke pieces of LEGO up their noses, and stick body parts in the central vac opening (don’t ask). But when I try to actually HELP THEM when they are sick by taking their temperature? They act like I’m trying to probe them for scientific experiments. Sheesh.

Taking Temperatures Easily

I had a hard time taking their temperatures, especially when they each reached that frustrating era known as I’m Two and I’m Impossible and Also Very Sticky. Since they didn’t get sick very often, they weren’t used to the idea of being accosted with a thermometer. Keeping it in place for 15 or 20 seconds was torture for both of us (and the neighbors, probably, because oh the FUSSING).

The cool folks over at Kinsa sent along the “world’s smartest thermometer” (with 25,000 X the processing power of a regular one) for our family to test-drive. I admired the modern packaging (very iPhone-ish) and admittedly tossed it on my desk for a week without a second thought. A thermometer review, ho-hum, I’ll get to it.

When I actually got around to opening the package and looking at it, I squealed. YOU GUYS, IT CONNECTS TO YOUR SMARTPHONE. Seriously. When I saw that little white connector jack, I was like Ohhhh, this is actually something I want to try. I’m a sucker for techy gadgets.

No one in our house has actually been feverish since we received our Kinsa, but we’ve had a great time playing with it, all healthy-like. Here’s a quick run-down on what we’ve learned about it:

  • It sets itself up (like magic). Download the free Kinsa app from iTunes or GooglePlay, open it, and it will walk you through every step. There’s a small black connector piece that you only use once, during the initital set-up, and then you just save it in case you want to connect your Kinsa to another phone someday.
  • It’s so. very. easy. Our old thermometer always flashed the battery icon at me, and I would get flustered and end up buying a new thermometer because who has time to mess around with those tiny watch batteries? Really? The Kinsa doesn’t have any batteries at all — it’s a stick that plugs into your phone’s headphone jack. Done.
  • It’s super fast (but there’s still a game for while you wait). It only takes about 10 seconds (mine registered even faster) to get a reading, but there’s a fun bubble-popping game on the screen to distract you while you wait. The kids LOVED this game because they are teeny tiny technology lovers.

Our kids struggled at first to get the notion of holding the thermometer under their tongue, since they’re still pretty young (five and three) and they’re used to ear thermometers. But they caught on after a few tries!

Pssssst! Kinsa is launching a brand-new product today (an ear thermometer) if you have babies or very young children who can’t manage their tongues well. You can also use the Kinsa Smart Stick under the arm or rectally, and there’s even a tiny extension cord.

Now if only there was a way to make staying germ-free this easy … *reaches for the hand sanitizer*

Disclosure: Kinsa generously sent me a Kinsa Smart Stick for my family to use and for me to review. All opinions are my own!

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