Back to School with Food Allergies — Tips From a Teacher

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This is a guest post from Laura Murphy. We love sharing other people’s stories because it’s a great way for us (by us, we mean parents of kids with allergies, asthma, and eczema) to grow as a community, for others to learn about what we experience, and for awareness to increase so our kids are met with more support. As always, please check with your doctor before implementing ideas you see on Scratch or Sniff as we are not doctors, just your friends on the internet. :)

August. As a teacher, once that calendar page has turned and I see those letters A-U-G-U-S-T, I can’t help but start to think about the new school year that is right around the corner! Over the next few weeks, I can’t help but wonder… what will my class be like? How many students will I have? And of course, how many little organizers can I buy from the Target dollar bins?!

As a parent, I’m sure you have questions along the same line. What will my child’s teacher be like? Will my child have friends in his or her class? What important information do I need to know, or better yet, what does the teacher need to know about my child? If you are a parent of a child with an allergy, you probably have many other questions including what you can do to get your child ready for the upcoming school year. Here are some helpful tips!

Ask a Teacher ... About Food Allergies: teacher food allergies education

1. Allergies. Let your teacher know of your child’s allergies, severity, and what medication he or she will be keeping at school. The more information, the better!

2. Field trips. Nurses will almost always attend the field trips, but can you? Mark those dates down and check with your child’s teacher to see if you can attend.

Ask a Teacher ... About Food Allergies: teacher food allergies field trip

3. School events. When you see an event is approaching, contact the teacher and inquire if there will be a snack or other details that might be important to know.

Ask a Teacher ... About Food Allergies: teacher food allergies resources

4. Snacks. Should you keep a supply at school for your child? Does your child’s class celebrate birthdays or holiday parties? Also, is your child’s school/classroom nut free?

5. Educate! One of the most effective things you can do as a parent is educate your child’s teacher and the class about your child’s allergies. Ask the teacher if you can come in and read a story and explain in simple details about your child’s allergies and how important it is for your child to stay away from nuts, dairy, etc.

I tell my students all year long that my job as their teacher is to teach them and to keep them safe and I know your child’s teacher feels the same way. :)

See below for some great books to share with your child or the class! Wishing you a happy, fun, and safe school year!

— Laura (Mrs. Murphy)

Food Allergies and Me: A Children’s Book by Juniper Skinner

The Bugabees: Friends with Food Allergies by Amy Recob

The Peanut Pickle: A story about Peanut Allergies by Jessica Jacobs

Laura Murphy can be summed up in 3 words: mother, wife, and teacher. She resides in New Jersey with her husband Owen and 4 month old son Declan. Besides her family and teaching, her other passions include coffee, spirituality, and her newest hobby is cooking!

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