Higher Depression, Anxiety Rates for Teens with Food Allergies

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It’s hard enough being a teenager, but a new study has revealed that teens with food allergies are more likely to have depression, anxiety, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


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The study also found that moms are usually the first ones to notice that the teens are having issues.

Researchers examined data from 1,300 14-year-olds and discovered that about 33 per cent of the teens with food allergies reported having depression or anxiety. Nearly 50 per cent of the mothers in the study, however, believed their teen with food allergies had depression or anxiety.

So were the mothers overreacting or the teens less likely to admit they had a problem? The study authors aren’t sure.

When the teens were interviewed again, at the age of 21, 44 per cent of them reported experiencing emotional or behavioral problems — making them twice as likely to experience mental health problems than the teens without food allergies.

The study concluded that health professionals should look at several people’s opinions when assessing a potential mental health problem because the person affected may not realize or admit an issue.

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