What’s in an Allergy/Asthma Mom’s Bag? #Giveaway

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About five months ago, I got a hankering for a new handbag (read: the bag I’d been carrying for a year was falling apart). I’m pretty picky about the bags I buy because I usually buy one and then keep it until it’s ready for burial.

So, I spent months looking for that perfect bag. You know, the one that sits on your shoulder just right—not too high, not too low. The one that has enough room and enough pockets to stow all the stuff, but not so big that you break your back or have a hard time maneuvering the small aisles at the grocery store. A bag with easy access to the money and the phone for you, but zips up so that it’s not easy access for the pickpockets.

It took a while, but, I found it! Lily Jade sent me a bag to try, and I’m sharing my unconventional handbag with you to save you the angst of looking for the best rockin’ mom-bag in the country. For I have fallen deeply in love with my Cailin bag.

Lily Jade Giveaway

When I opened it up, all I could see was the glorious mass of *pockets*–I may have even squealed a bit (OK, a lot). It has room for everything and yet is super-sleek and easy to carry. It’s all I’ve ever wanted and more. And although it’s sold as a diaper bag and we are far beyond our diaper years, I will carry this bag to its grave.

It’s got an easy-to-clean (and therefore won’t stain) nylon fabric, making it a great bag to hit the pool with. It’s stylish enough that I can take it out with me (and I HAVE). But, the biggest plus is this:

I can carry my water bottle in it, bend over to pick up anything on the ground (I get dropsy at times), and my water bottle stays in the pocket! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bent over to pick something up just to have my water bottle fall out, open up and spill all over everything. My life is forever changed.

So, now that you know about the bag and my love affair with it. I’m going to show you what’s in my bag and then let’s play a little game of “What’s in your bag?”  Lily Jade Giveaway

1. Of course all of the ever-present allergy/asthma meds–2 Auvi-Q epinephrine auto-injectors (LOVE more than life itself), 2 blister packs of Children’s Benadryl (Miss those? Walgreen’s carries them now here), one Pro-Air inhaler, and our spacer.

2. Wet Ones for… well, everything.

3. Sudafed for me (it’s allergy season).

4. Cleanwell natural hand sanitizer.

5. Burt’s Bees travel bag with hand salve and lip balm.

6. A Pilot Precise Grip Extra Fine Point Pen (LOOOOOVE).

7. Pencil with a pipe cleaner wrapped around it…because I’m a mom.

8. Other miscellaneous stuff: lip gloss, hairbrush, contact lens refresher drops.

Lily Jade Giveaway

Lily Jade Giveaway

Would you like to win a Lily Jade bag? Scratch or Sniff teamed up with Semiproper to do a giveaway (check out Roo’s review of the Caroline bag). We’re giving away a Lily Jade bag of your choosing. Enter here!:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a Lily Jade bag for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. — Tiffany

No purchase necessary.  Open to legal residents of the US and Canada, ages 18 or older.  Sweepstakes ends 12:00am EST on September 10, 2014.  Employees/contractors of Scratch or Sniff are not eligible. Void where prohibited.  Please allow 3 weeks for delivery after contest has ended.

Tiffany Self

Tiffany Self is a wife, mom to "Z", and a lover of words. In an ironic twist, she is an English class dropout who now writes for a living. Tiffany is a freelancer in the Chicago suburbs by way of Seattle and Southern Oregon. She writes about her journey of parenting a child with multiple severe food allergies, asthma, and environmental allergies. You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

276 Comments to What’s in an Allergy/Asthma Mom’s Bag? #Giveaway

  1. Lisa S

    The Caroline bag! Must get my hands on one of those.

  2. KWB

    A bag within a bag. As a self-professed nerd for “things that hold other things,” I am fully committed to bags within bags. ::sticks arms straight out:: I loooove it, I neeeeed it. ;)

    • KWB

      Forgot to specify which one!! Dear Elizabeth bag, I love you.

    • Roo Ciambriello

      Things that hold other things!! So meta!! :D

  3. Meg

    Caroline in red! May need to have another baby just so I can grab the bag!

  4. Diana Aloisio

    I love the Cailin Royal Purple diaper bag.

  5. Brooks

    Love that Caroline!

  6. Kimberly Gray

    I love the Caroline bag!

  7. Jessica

    I LOVE the Caroline in Black or Red! I’d also take a Madeline in Silver!

  8. tara

    Oooohhhh I’ve been coveting one of these bags forever now!

    • tara

      Also I’m super torn between the Caroline in “brandy” and the Anna in “gunmetal grey”…how does one choose??

  9. Jutta P.

    I love Madeline in Black

  10. Sirena Kestner

    love the Elizabeth in Camel

  11. Anitha Kuppuswamy


  12. Samantha Dutil

    I’ve been eyeing these bags FOREVER. This would make my mom life so much easier!!

  13. Laura Wieschel

    Love Lily Jade! Hope to win one for baby girl’s diaper bag!

    • Laura Wieschel

      forgot to add – I love the madeline in black!

  14. Jenn S

    Anna in gunmetal!!!!

  15. Andrea M.

    I love the Anna in gunmetal and the Caroline in red.

  16. Muna Cullivan

    Love Lily Jade bags! Now if I can afford multiple…

  17. Nicole D.

    With my first kiddo on the way, I am totally clueless about diaper bags and all that jazz. Super stoked about ones that I can pull off with spit up on my shirt or with high heels on my feet (let’s hope those are mutually exclusive for the sake of my husband and I’s date nights). Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Liz

    The Elizabeth in camel is so amazing that I am going to start claiming it as my namesake.

    • Roo Ciambriello

      Bahahaha! I laughed out loud. Thanks, LIz. ;)

  19. kelsey n.

    i love the elizabeth!

  20. Jade Anderson

    Ftm of Mavrick my 10wk old baby boy! We would LOVE a Lillyjade diaper bag to take along with us on our daily trips. Currently we’re using a chevron striped duffel bag (yes its cute on the outside but the inside is a mess!) what barely fits in the stroller undercarriage! Pick us please!

  21. Chloe

    I have been trying to win one of these bags all year! I love them so much. I would love the Madeline in brandy! But to be honest I would probably want this more for my sister in law since she is due with #2 soon!

  22. Maggie

    I love the Caroline bag!!

  23. Liberty T.

    I have had my eye on the CAROLINE IN BRANDY for months!

  24. Rachel Abram

    The Caroline in Black is one of my faves, but I would take ANY Lily Jade bag! I have been dying for one of these bags ever since I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. Baby #2 is now due in October!!!!

  25. kristen visser

    The Caroline bag in black

  26. Tracy P

    My friend is going back to work next week after the birth of her second child, she lost her first one at five months. I really want to win this for her. She has been through alot in the last two years. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Emily C.

    ALL OF THEM! Although I am a sucker for the Madeline in Brandy or the Caroline in black (or any one of them that I could get my hands on!)

  28. Kirsten

    Madeline in Brandy

  29. Rachel

    I love the look of these bags and the removable caddy. The Anna in Gunmetal is gorgeous!

  30. Adrianna Butler

    Love the Elizabeth Red Canvas!

  31. Cassandra Whiting

    I really hope I win this. I love it! I’m still in diaper change mode and would love something that helps make it easier!

  32. Christina

    I so want the Caroline or Elizabeth. With a 4 year old and a 4 month old I have so much stuff to drag around, but still need something awesome for the times I get to leave them at home with dad!

  33. Rebecca James

    Cailin, it’s absolutely beautiful!

  34. Anel

    Love the Elizabeth in camel! Thanks so much! I am a subscriber to Lily Jade with a different email that I used to sign into widget, hope that’s not an issue! I can give you the email that I use to subscribe, if needed! It’s the same one I used to leave this comment. Thanks!

    • Roo Ciambriello

      Nope, not an issue! Thanks for letting us know, Anel!

  35. shaela

    The royal cailin

  36. Holly G

    Caroline and Elixabeth!

  37. Abby

    The Caroline! Love them all, really.

  38. Amanda

    that Caroline bag is cute. but so is Elizabeth. ahhh I can’t decide!!

  39. leah wall

    I love the Sarah Grace in Gold

  40. meredith zitz

    I have been eyeing Caroline in black for awhile now!! I would love to win it!!

  41. Nicole

    Love Lily Jade and i sooo need a diaper bag.

  42. Alesha Walker

    I’m a little obsessive about checking out Lily Jade’s social media for contests because a new bag is just not in the budget right now. Along the way I’ve been introduced to some seriously fab blogs like this one. So, thanks for that! I’m all over the place with which bag I want. I mean – do they have to have so many amazing choices? Cailin in Royal Purple and Brandy trim would be seriously amazing to tote around my toddler’s current obsessions (trains) and the normal things like diapers and wipes…wallets…boring stuff ;) BUT – as a Jamberry Consultant this purple bag makes me drool – can’t you see me rocking this bag and handing out samples – or showing it off when I head to regionals in October? A girl can dream! I’ll be following your blog now. cheers.

  43. Patricia

    The Elizabeth!

  44. Christina F.

    The Elizabeth in Camel–gorgeous!

  45. Susan

    I love them all but really love the Madeline in Black!

  46. Alex

    I love both the Madeline and the Caroline!!! Gorgeous bags and I could so use one!!

  47. katie m

    The madeline in brandy!

  48. Karen Winemiller

    My favorite is Elizabeth in Camel.

  49. meagan

    the cailin :)

  50. Sarah Bee

    I love the Caroline in Brandy!

  51. Kimberly

    I love the Elizabeth red canvas bag! I’m all about the backpack these days. It’d beat carting around a Jake and the Neverland Pirates backpack.

  52. Jade Anderson

    oops sorry already posted but didnt say which bag. truthfully I love all of them, but the elizabeth red canvas is my favorite!

  53. Shannon

    Elizabeth in camel.

  54. Julie

    I like them all! My favorite is the MADELINE IN BRANDY or the ELIZABETH IN CAMEL.

  55. Gina

    As a new mom (or at least in December I will be!) I definitely need a multipurpose bag!

  56. Rebecca Xavier

    I would love to have the Sarah Grace Gold bag.

  57. Tina T

    The Elizabeth in Camel is my absolutely positutely favorite! I’d love to tote my kids bananas and diapers around in that beauty!!!

  58. Shelby Wilkinson

    Caroline in Black

  59. Juliana Curmi

    These bags would be perfect for when I have my boys with me and sometimes our dog! I end up throwing everything I need in my Dooney because it is the biggest bag I have and then the inside gets thrashed with crumbs and toys.

  60. Bethany H

    I absolutely adore the Elizabeth in camel! Gorgeous

  61. Kris

    Favorite is the Caroline and you forgot your glasses cleaning kit in your bag ;)

  62. Melissa

    I love the Anna in Gunmetal!

  63. Sarsh

    In the past couple months I have been seeing Lily Jade everywhere and I want one so bad! I love the Caroline in brown or black.

  64. Cynthia w

    Elizabeth in red canvas!

  65. pamela t

    Absolutely love Madeline in Red!!!! Gorgeous!

  66. Rosie Bean

    I would love to have the Elizabeth Red Canvas bag! It has tons of pockets and the straps convert and everything! Plus the bag is super cute!! No more frumpy generic diaper bags! It’s like a forever bag!

  67. Liz M

    The Anna in Gunmetal or the Caroline in Black, I’m so torn.

  68. Lu

    I love the Caroline and the Anna!!

  69. Danielle m

    I love the Elizabeth!

  70. Anne S.

    I love the Elizabeth!

  71. Meagan

    The Madeline in brandy!

  72. julie

    I like the elizabeth

  73. Sara

    I’m absolutely in love with the Caroline and Madeline bags and wish I could justify buying one but am currently facing the reality of paying for childcare for the first time and so the budget doesn’t have much wiggle room. Hoping one day I get lucky enough to win one of these giveaways, but even if not I have discovered some awesome blogs in the process!

  74. Kari Barone

    I absolutely love the Elizabeth in Camel. The Caroline bags are a close second…

  75. Rachael

    My daughter has severe food allergies so we have some of the same things. I didn’t know about the cute epi pen cases, I will have to look for one! Hoping to get an Elizabeth Lily Jade one day…somehow!!

  76. kelly

    The caroline bag, in either color.

  77. Melissa Bonnin

    Love them all! Elizabeth in camel would be my choice :-) :-) :-)

  78. Leigh

    I recently became a mom of 2. Now with an infant and a 3 year old still in diapers I need a massive bag!!! I am drooling over the Caroline bag.

  79. Lydia Palinkas

    I love the Anna in gunmetal, but I also am really liking the Caitlyn!

  80. Amanda Strayer

    Caroline. These things are gorgeous!

  81. Bridget Montgomery


  82. Kristina P

    I love, love, LOVE all of lily jades bags!

  83. Natasha

    Love Caroline in red

  84. Priscilla

    My favorite bag is Caroline in Brandy or red!

  85. I loooove the caroline in ‘brandy’. SO pretty!

  86. Kathryn Noles

    Love the Elizabeth!

  87. Kara

    I Lovveee all the lily jade bags!! So Beautifully made. The organizer is amazing! Cant wait to get one of my own! Hoping to win one! First time mommy to a BOY due Dec 31st!!

  88. Heather

    I love the Madeleine! It still looks like a regular purse, with all the pockets needed for a diaper bag! Love!!

  89. Telzey Bartley

    I love, love, love the Caroline!

  90. Melissa Lennox

    Please let me win the lily jade of my choosing!!!!! :-)

  91. Rebecca Graham

    Madeline in Brandy or Sarah Grace in gold ❤️ Them all! What a fabulous giveaway!

  92. Oh, this is a hard choice… but I think I’d have to pick the Madeline in brandy.

  93. Macquel DeWitt


  94. Kaaren

    I want the Elizabeth. Love it.

  95. Casey H

    I like the Sarah Grace in Silver!

  96. Alison B

    So cute! I love that bag.

  97. Kacey w.

    Either Cailin or Caroline look pretty awesome,

  98. lisa g

    The caroline in burgundy!! Pretty pretty please!

  99. B Bird

    Elizabeth in Camel! So Beautiful!

  100. Trista

    The Caroline!!! So cute!

  101. I LOVE the Cailin in purple! But the leather fringey Caroline is also incredible. Baby #2 is coming in January and hubby would kill me if I bought ANOTHER bag so I would love to win one!

  102. Brettney

    I’m obsessed with the Caroline in brandy!!

  103. Marguerite T.

    The Caroline bag is just perfect!

  104. Caroline in brandy or Elizabeth in camel!

  105. maija

    super cute bags!

  106. GeoLin

    I love the Elizabeth in camel!

  107. Melanie F

    Oh gosh I am in sweet sweet love with Miss Madeline in Brandy!!! Thanks for the uber sweet chance!

  108. Miranda Welle

    Definitely the Madeline in Red!

  109. Kristen

    I LOVE the Caroline. In fact, I need it!

  110. Kristen

    I love the Caroline! It is super cute and I love that it can be worn cross-body. I need it!

  111. Rachel

    I love the Elizabeth!!! Thanks for this giveaway!

  112. Josee

    I absolutely love these bags!

  113. christine f

    Would love to win!

  114. Arlene

    Love the Elizabeth Red Canvas!

  115. Rachel Prescott

    Would love the Caroline! I’ve been looking for a new bag for a while and love these!

  116. Erin Ellis

    I love Caroline in Brandy. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  117. Maia

    Anna in Gunmetal! Perfect for the holidays, and that purple interior is stunning!

  118. pennie mcinnes

    Eeekkk. Im so excited! High kicks and fist pumps excited.

  119. Myesha

    I have been trying to win one of these for months…due in October

  120. Aimee

    I love them all but the Cailin and the Elizabeth are my favorites.

  121. Jessica G


  122. Narayan hathaway

    I love the madeline in brandy!

  123. Nicole-Lynn

    The Madeline bag in black is my favorite! Very classic design and color. Would be wonderful for my baby girl now and any other future babies! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

    [email protected]

  124. Renee Smith

    I love the Caroline style and the Elizabeth. They’re all so gorgeous-how do you choose?

  125. Emily K

    I’m loving the Madeline in Red!

  126. Jessica Aceves

    Love the Caroline in Brandy! I love the look of these bags!

  127. Emily Myers

    I LOVE the Madeline in Brandy!! Fingers crossed!

  128. Michelle Kreps

    Love the black Caroline bag with the red lining!!!!!!

  129. Chase

    I like Elizabeth in Camel!

  130. Michelle B

    I love them all! My favorite is the Caroline though. I love the simpler look and the camel is a great color. Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. Jackie G

    I’m in love with the Madeline in Brandy!

  132. Bethany E

    I have been dying for a Madeline, preferably in red! My first (a big brother to be in a few months) has a peanut allergy and is showing clear signs of following in his father and mother’s seasonal allergy footsteps. I love all of the pockets to keep our gear organized!

  133. Megan

    The Caroline!

  134. Sandra L Hying McFadden

    I like the Madeline in Brandy bag very stylish and practical.

  135. Yeeta Yeger

    Always looking for the perfect bag! Would love this!!

  136. Kimberly Petersen

    I love the Elizabeth in camel!

  137. Lori

    Beautiful bag!!

  138. Sabrina Koch

    ANY lily jade is okay by me =) but I love the Elizabeth in camel!

  139. Stephanie

    I am due with my first baby in February, and would LOVE the Caroline bag!

  140. Anna Morton

    The Caroline bag in brandy is making me actually drool just a little bit.

  141. Angie C

    I love them all but I think the Anna and Madeline are my favs!

  142. Rebecca M

    I am emotionally obsessing over the Elizabeth in Red Canvas

  143. Katie D.

    I think I’d have to say the large baby bag – I have a toddler and a 5 month old, and I dont think my bag could ever be too big! :)

  144. Melissa

    Thanks Roo for introducing me to these amazing bags!!! Never heard of Lily Jade until now and can’t believe how great they are!! With a 4 and a 2 year old and #3 due in three weeks any of these bags would be so useful!

  145. Melissa

    Either the Elizabeth Caroline or Cailin would be great.

  146. Amber

    Elizabeth in camel… yes, please! ;)

  147. Tams

    The Caroline looks awesome, and sounds even awesomer after reading Roo’s review.

  148. Valerie Doyle

    I LOVE the Caroline!

  149. Courtney

    Not sure about the tassel, but the Caroline looks really cool!

  150. Michael T

    My wife is pretty fond of the Caroline in brandy.

  151. Lindsay Toews

    Caroline in brandy! :)

  152. Stephanie L Wheatley

    My favorite is the Elizabeth in Camel! Beautiful!

  153. Amber Hostetler

    Been dreaming of the Elizabeth in camel.

  154. Kryztle Yadao

    I love the Caroline Bag!! :)

  155. Rochel S

    Love Anna in Gunmetal!

  156. Sandra

    Elizabeth in Camel is my jam, lady frans

  157. Carlene R.

    I really like the classic sophisticated look of the SARAH GRACE in GOLD.

  158. Lauren Kiesz

    Caroline. In. Brandy. The half-used hand sanitizers, wipe packets, and snack baggies will looks so much more polished! :)

  159. Melissa Meltzer

    I would get the Madeline in Red Canvas (and the Elizabeth in Red Canvas comes in at a very close 2nd place!)

  160. audrey

    I am so in love with the Madeline in Brandy and the Elizabeth in Camel I’d go with Red for the Madeline, but my jacket is red so that wouldn’t work very well and I almost always choose black so if I won I think I’d totally go brown. Love these bags.

  161. Jaclyn Moore

    I love the Madeline!!

  162. Shannon

    As a mom who has a peanut allergy, asthma and eczema, I know how easily our diaper bag gets filled to the brim with necessities! (Luckily my little one has gotten her fathers genes and doesn’t suffer from any of the three. knock on wood) Love Anna or Caroline in black!

  163. Jen MacDonell

    I’d love an Elizabeth in camel :)

  164. Gina Hiskes

    This is actually the exact bag that I want (the Cailin). I’ve had it on my wishlist since they released it (last Spring? Summer?) I love the purple color and I too want to squeel with delight when I see the numerous pockets, please!

  165. Lisa Nicole Paone


  166. Rebecca Felton

    I love the Madeline!!

  167. Maribel Morales

    My favorite is the Elizabeth bag in Camel.. good luck to us all!

  168. Haley

    Id love to win, my first baby gets here in 2 months!

  169. carey

    I told my husband i wanted one for Christmas. That got some funny looks… definitely trying to win one of their beautiful bags. Ive tried making diaper bags, designing my own, buying some popular on various blogs… no luck yet. these are the only ones that look like handbags and look like they hold a lot-and I am a handbag junky. Fingers crossed!

  170. Nelly b

    I really like the Elizabeth!! So cute!!

  171. Lindsay Jones

    Love them all! But I’d choose the Elizabeth in camel-LOVE

  172. Lindsay

    Caroline in Brandy

  173. Diana Z

    I love the Caroline!

  174. Gabriela Escalante

    I looooove all Lily Jade bags, but I absolutely adore the Elizabeth in Camel! That is my favorite!! It would be perfect for when my baby girl arrives in January

  175. Jennifer Kreisler

    Elizabeth in Camel I kep thinking about it. Can not get this one out of my mind!

  176. Penni

    I’d love the Caroline in red!

  177. Carla S

    I like the anna bag in gunmetal.

  178. Miriam Matheny

    I would choose Madeline in brandy. I love that it can be a bag or backpack

  179. Kaitlin Abernathy

    Love the red Caroline

  180. Ann O.

    Love camel bags and love the Elizabeth, too!

  181. amanda

    Really like the Caroline in Brandy

  182. Amanda

    the caroline looks super cute, and would make a great present for my sister who is expecting her first little one in December!

  183. D'Gee Hodges

    I love the Anna in Gunmetal!!

  184. Melanie Sweet

    I love the all of them! Especially Elizabeth in Camel! <3 and the Caroline in black!!!!!!!!

  185. Nancy

    Love theses bags, Elizabeth in Camel is beautiful!

  186. Melanie

    Love the Cailin Royal Purple bag!

  187. Meagan

    Really love the Cailin.. My son has a peanut allergy, is also potty training, and my daughter has asthma. My purse is always full to the brim with kids paraphernalia

  188. Robin

    I’m thinking the Caroline in either grey or black would be perfect for everything! With 2 little ones running around, I am still packing everything but the kitchen sink :) I also like the Cailin in Royal just because I LOVE the color!

  189. Megan

    I am alllllll over the Elizabeth. Looks perfect for my upcoming twins, and definitely need one to ear on my back as I will have a baby on each hip!

  190. Sarah Grissom

    I love the Elizabeth

  191. Nicole

    Love the Madeline in Brandy or the Cailin. I have to have a zip top or inevitably there’s a fall and things go EVERYWHERE. And oockets. Pockets make my heart sing.

  192. Teresa Evans

    I loove the Cailin bag!!!

  193. Karen F

    love them all!!

  194. Kristina

    Love, love, love the Cailin in Royal Purple! So pretty!

  195. Sarah Hayes

    i like the elizabeth

  196. Natalie

    My favorite bag is the Madeline in black.

  197. Kyle

    Sweeeeeet Caroliiiiine

  198. Sarah

    Love the Elizabeth in camel!! Amazing bag!!

  199. I’ve been ooooohing and aaaaahing over the Elizabeth in camel for quite some time!!! She’s my dreamgirl

  200. These bags are fantastic! Love the color selections!

  201. DENISE

    LOVE THESE BAGS. Would love to win won, purse for now…trying for kids…diaper bag for later :)

  202. Alicia

    Such cute bags! I like the Cailin the best.

  203. Kristin

    I don’t even have a kid yet, but I could totally see using one of these now (I love pockets!) & it holding up for a few years until we’re ready! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Kristin

      I’m loving that Madeline in black :)

  204. Amanda Buccieri

    Caroline in Brandy!

  205. Toni Okimura

    The Ana bag in black! Thank you for your post on the P&G products! Very helpful.

    • Roo Ciambriello

      You’re welcome, Toni! Thanks for reading.

  206. Aubrey

    I love the Caroline Bag! In Red or Black!

  207. Julie

    It’s a toss up between the Cailin and the Madeline canvas. I just wish they had more color options!

  208. Ronnalynn Beal

    Loving the Caroline in black! What a genius idea, go Lily Jade!

  209. Victoria

    I love the Cailin bag!!!

  210. Elle

    I like Anna in black.

  211. J Miller

    Elizabeth in Camel.

  212. Vanessa Corazon

    Madeline in brandy

  213. Katelyn

    The Carolina Bag is my favorite! I haven’t every been a bag girl, but this bag might change my mind! I just wish I could get my husband on board!!

  214. marika gochiashvili

    i love this bag!

  215. Margaret

    The Caroline! So cute! And an upgrade from the disorganized, no-pockets, stained monstrosity I carry with me now! lol

  216. Katie B.

    Caroline, in red :)

  217. Kristin Chacon

    My daughter has multiple food and environmental allergies so I feel you! These are great bags! And I’ve got number two coming next week so hope to win!

    • Kristin Chacon

      I like the Madeline on brandy

  218. I love the Anna and the Caroline! Adorable!

  219. Priscilla

    I like the Cailin!

  220. Sarah

    So many different options!

  221. Jessica

    Loving the Caroline in red!

  222. Kristin

    I like the Madeline. Maybe a nice diaper bag will inspire me to get out of the house more with my 5week old. She’s made a hermit out of me

  223. Laura

    I love the Elizabeth! YUM!

  224. Tannis W

    I like the Elizabeth in camel.

  225. lena

    I can’t decide between Caroline in Brandy and Sarah Grace Gold. :-) Any would make me a happy / organized Mom. :-)

  226. Ellen Casper

    Love the Elizabeth in camel

  227. Kara

    Goodness the Caroline is so cute!!

  228. Stefanie

    There are so many cute bags! If I had to choose, it would probably be the Elizabeth Red Canvas.

  229. stacy hancock

    i love the caroline in brandy

  230. Lauren

    The Elizabeth in camel… droooool.

  231. Michelle C

    I love the Madeline in Brandy.

  232. Gretchen

    The caroline in brown is absolutely beautiful! Love the bag-within-a-bag design.

  233. Amy Skelton

    It would be a toss up between the Caroline in brandy and the Satah Grace in gold! Thanks for the chance!

  234. Joan

    The Madeline can be crossbody OR backpack? Sign me up! :)

  235. Lisa L

    I really love the Caroline bag!

  236. Jen Ga

    The Elizabeth in Camel is gorgeous!!

  237. missy

    I like the blue one! Awesome!

  238. Lesley B

    They are all amazing but the Elizabeth in Camel has me drooling.

  239. Tara

    I love them all!!

  240. Mandy b

    It’s hard to pick! Maybe the Elizabeth bag?!

  241. paloma

    I pine for the Caroline! (hey that rhymes!)

  242. Jen C.

    Mom of two toddler boys and struggling grad student. I’m soooo TIRED of carrying around my lunch bag as my purse and I’ve been dreaming of the Lily Jade Madeline or Caroline in Brandy. Thanks for having this contest!

  243. Alyssa

    Beautiful bag!

  244. Mariaelena

    Madeline in black!

  245. Cherie Montorio

    I love the ELIZABETH IN CAMEL.

  246. Emilie G

    The Cailin Bag! I’ve been looking for a bag just like this. It’s perfect to hold all the “stuff” that my 4 littles and I grab for during the day. I love that it looks and stays clean since it’s wipeable. It’s fun to see what’s in another mommy bag, we haven’t tried the new epi pens yet, maybe it’s time for a switch. Tiffany, you might consider adding Aquaphor to your list of mommy tools. It’s a multi-use gem, especially to keep eczema flares at bay and little bottoms clear of diaper rash. Thanks for sharing!

  247. Jamie

    I am always so torn every time I look at the bags cause they are ALL amazing looking. But I always come back to the Cailin, the Madeline Brandy or Elizabeth Camel. I could have 3 right? There’s nothing crazy about owning $800 worth of diaper bag, right?!?

  248. Stacy Ruska

    LOVE that bag! Need to have one! ANY color will do! :-)

  249. Saz price

    Love the black bag on semiproper!

  250. Elga

    Super cute bags! Need to have one any color please..

  251. Kristin

    I LOVE these bags! We are also past the diaper stage, but still need to carry so much stuff with us! I love the Madeline in Red the best :)

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